Posted: May 14, 2016



CVS Ad Deals, Matchups & Store Coupons.

Ask a question in the comments section below; I am quick to answer.  I want to simplify couponing, not make it more difficult.

Read my CVS Training Guide if you’re new to extreme couponing!  Don’t forget you can register your Extra Care Card Online to sign up for email coupons and a $4 off $20 in-store coupon will be sent to you via email! And don’t forget to be a CVS Advisor to get high-value ECB’s! View this week’s CVS Ad Scan.

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Thru 5/29

Thru 5/21

Thru 5/21

5/15 ONLY
5/15 - 5/18
Thru 5/21

5/15 - 5/21:

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  • Jeremiah

    Cvs stopped sending me in store coupons. I called them and they told me they can’t fix that because it is “random” I know it is not random, but what would you do?

    • Heidi

      I had this issue when I moved temporarily into my mothers and used her address. My mother had a CVS card and because of the same address for each of our cards, both of us stopped getting magic coupon machine coupons and any email coupons. Once I had my own address again, in a couple of weeks I started receiving ALL coupons again.

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