Posted: September 24, 2016


CVS Ad Deals, Matchups & Store Coupons.

Ask a question in the comments section below; I am quick to answer. I want to simplify couponing, not make it more difficult.

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9/25 - 10/1

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  • Sherri K

    I love couponing at CVS

  • Alisha

    If I have a 30% off coupon will that apply to the Almay or COVERGIRL buy 1G1 50% off? Or will it apply to the make-up that is regular price only since the half of is the sale price?

    • Jen

      The 30% off only applies to non sale items.

  • Goldie39

    I need swiffer dry refill badly. I have 2 of $2/1 pg, i have $3 of any swiffer (will it take $6 off if i buy 2) and i have $3 email coupon..can i use all this coupons on 2 boxes…tia..

    • Jen

      For each box you can use one manufacturer coupon and one CVS coupon.

      • Goldie39

        I guess my ? is if i buy 2 swiffers and use $3 of any cvs coupon will it take $3 or $6 off …ty..

        • Jen

          If the CVS coupon came from the September coupon booklet, yes. If it’s just a reg CVS coupon, then no.

          • Goldie 39

            Yes its just regular cvs coupon printed from register…so i can’t use both coupons…cvs and manufacturers on 2 boxes of swiffers…ty

  • Alisha

    I know in the ad it says limit of 1 per card for the TRESemme for the $5 ECB. When I bought them on my receipt it said I needed another $10 for the purchase to get another ECB. Is that right? I can do it more than once?

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      The tresemme is a limit of 1, but there is a separate offer for spend $30 an select products and get a $10 ECB. (limit 1) also.

      • Alisha

        Ok is that for the P&G products? Thanks!

        • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

          yes it looks to be

  • Elsa swilo

    Well i tried the tresseme deal. I bought a total of 4 shampoos 2/8
    I had the $5 coupon off.. After ringing it up i didn’t receive any extra bucks.. Receipt said i had buy 16.00 more?

    • Jen

      Did you see in your ad? Does you ad say Buy $15, get $5? It should have printed.

  • patricia webb

    Love CVS, shopping trip today was
    2 Tressemmee shampo 8.00
    2 Tressemmee conditioner 8.00 5ecb
    1 Brookfield snack pack 1.88 1ecb
    Little Remedies saline 4.99 4ecb
    2 Schick Extreme razors for women 9.99×2
    1 Schick Extreme razor for men 9.99 10ecb for buying 2500
    Total was 56.01
    2 Suave Pofessional shampoo 6.00
    Used 5 off 25 CVS coupon
    3 off 15 Shampoo CVS coupon
    5 beauty bucks
    2/ 5 off 2 tressemmee
    1 3 off suave professionals
    1/ 1 off little remedies
    7 off 2 schick razors
    1 3 off any schick razor
    19.00 CVS bucks from last week
    Total OOP 2.49 which was just tax and recieved 20ecb plus summitted for 5.25 from checkout 51 for schick razors and 2.00 from saving star for suave professionals, plus hit my 50 for 5 more beauty bucks. I reallllllly love CVS.

  • Misty Jones

    Ok, so I took advantage of the tresemme deal and spend $30 get 10ECB deal. At the bottom of my receipt, and in my cvs app, it says send ‘x’ amount more to earn reward instead of saying ‘ offer limit reached’ like it usually does. Are these deals rolling? Also, do ECB behave inthe same manner as RR in that they can not be used to earn additional rewards on the same deal.

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