Posted: March 26, 2013

Magic Coupon Machine

Scan your CVS ExtraCare card at the Magic Coupon Machine each week to get CVS store coupons (CRTs) that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for CUCKOO deals! You can scan your card every day. Be sure to scan multiple times to make sure you’re getting all the coupons you’re eligible for until the machine says “NO COUPONS AVAILABLE–CHECK BACK TOMORROW”. Some coupons are randomly given, some are based on shopping habits and some coupons are given to everyone! CVS resets the personalized coupons on Monday mornings, so that is usually the best time to scan to get the widest variety of coupons.
Also, be sure to check your CVS account online! Many of you will find these coupons there too! The coupons can only be used once, whether printed from the Magic Coupon Machine or your online account–they are the same coupon.

Each week I will post a list of the coupons you might get as well some deal scenarios for using these great coupons! Leave a comment if you get a coupon that isn’t listed here and if I find a Cuckoo Deal, I’ll post it! Check back often as new coupons are added!

Thanks, Reader Ames97, for helping complete this list!

Which CRTs did you get?!

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  • Kaytee Postma

    I wandered CVS this morning and went to check out the Revlon deals since this coupon appears to be printing all week. You could get the eye liner $7.49 x 2 (-$3.74 – 50% off). Use 2 of the $3/1 ISQ and 2 of the $1/1 mentioned above and pay $3.23 OOP or $1.61 each. Not bad if you need eye liner.

    • Kaytee Postma

      And starting next week (3/31-4/06) if you spend $15 on Revlon cosmetics or tools you get $7 ECB so maybe hold onto them for next week

      • Amber Whistles

        Buy 3 Eye Shadow 5.49/ea= 16.47

        Use 3 CVS $3/1 Revlon ($9)

        Use 3 SS 3/17 $1/1 Revlon ($3)

        Pay $4.47 Get back 7 ECB

        If you get 20% off on Thursday then it would be $1.17 OOP Get back 7 ECB

        • Kaytee Postma

          Waaaa hooo! That’s a great deal!!!

  • Kaytee Postma

    OMG I’m finding such good deals to pair with these coupons. The week of the 7th colgate total is on sale for $1.99…pair that with the $3/2 Colgate Optic white or Total toothpaste coupon (mine exp 4/9 so hopefully you’d have a day or so) and whatever colgate MQ comes out and you’ve got yourself free or almost free toothpaste!!!!!!
    BTW I’m finding all these from iheartcvs ad scans.

  • Kaytee Postma

    Ok last one. The $1.50/2 Stayfree/Carefree/O.B. 36 ct. could pair with the week of the 7th. There’s a BOGO 50% off those items (minus the O.B.) and it looks like it’s possible there might be a MQ to pair with it. It doesn’t say the price but that could be a good deal….maybe

    • Santana Bush

      How do you find out what future weekly ads are going to be?

      • Santana Bush

        Oh sorry, I see where you said it. I didn’t read far enough

        • Kaytee Postma

          Yes is a great resource! Pretty much all she posts is the ads. Some coupon matchups but Cuckoo is the best for that info! I just like to use iheartcvs to plan ahead. Sometimes they repeat deals and they are better next week than this week or visa versa so it pays to scan the coming weeks! HTH

          • Santana Bush

            Thank you! Cuckoo is my #1 Go-To place but I thought you were psychic pulling out ads two weeks from now! Haha! Thank you! Extremely helpful

            • Kaytee Postma

              Oh ya! I have psychic powers! Lets go with that! LOL just teasin!

  • sim

    anybody have a good idea what I could use 10/40 coupon for?

  • anahmi

    Use (3) $2/1 Clean & Clear Daily Soothing Acne Product exp. 4/30/13 (SS 03/24/13) instead!

    This is what I did:
    Buy (3) Clean & Clear Advantage Daily Soothing Acne Wash, 6 oz. or Scrub, 5 oz.
    Use (3) $2/1 Clean & Clear Daily Soothing Acne Product exp. 4/30/13 (SS 03/24/13)
    Use $6 off 3 Clean & Clear Facial Care CVS CRT from MCM
    (3) $1/1 PEELIES! <- I got so excited when I saw them today!
    Final Price: *Drumrolls please* …FREE!

    • Elizarae

      Unfortunately you would not be able to use the peelies since you are already using manufacturer coupon and a Cvs coupon on all items. Using the peelies would be using 2 mfg coupons on one item which is not allowed.

  • JBeyor

    when will I get the CRT for 6 off 3 Clean and Clear I have tried so far I got Purex? Does everybody that scans their card get one?

    • Elizarae

      The coupons listed are only possibilities of ones you could get. Not everyone will get them all.

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