Posted: June 9, 2014

CVS load 2 card

CVS now offers the option to send your ExtraSavings (aka Magic Coupon Machine coupons) and ExtraBucks (aka ECBs) to your CVS ExtraCare card for your convenience!  No more having to keep track of your CRTs from the Magic Coupon Machine when you shop.  Load them directly to your card before you shop and they will come off automatically at the register!

How To Send Your Coupons:

  1. You can view all your available coupons by signing in to your ExtraCare account at  If you haven’t yet done so, register your ExtraCare card to see your coupons online!
  2. Under the My Savings & Rewards tab, you’ll see a list of ExtraSavings and ExtraBucks available to Send to Card or Print, or you can flip through your available coupons in Gallery View:

CVS CRT load

Click the Send to Card button to send it to your ExtraCare card!

You can also print a list of all the coupons you loaded to your card so you won’t forget what you have!

A few other things to note:

  • My understanding is that only ExtraBucks that you earn and normally print from the Magic Coupon Machine will be available to view online and send to your card or print (e.g. Quarterly Spending ECBs or Beauty Club ECBs).
  • ExtraBucks earned while making a qualifying purchase in-store will still print on your receipt.

Are you excited about this new option?!

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  • This was the discussion among the cashiers this week! It’s great to load to card except, If your EB expire before you use them, they will disappear from your card! Our local CVS lets us use expired CRTs and EB for at least 1 week after expiration!

  • Love2save

    I like this cause now you can see if it’s worth going to cvs for the coupon machine.

  • Jamie Howe

    I agree with the comment below. I no longer have to go into the store to see which coupons I get. It should save me a trip. :)

  • patty

    They have my email yet I never get the 5 off a 25.00 or any other offer?

  • Gisell

    I already linked my card to my account but I don’t see the coupons. Do they show even though I already printed them? or do I have to send them from the red cvs machine?

  • HelperJen

    The Coupon Machine hasn’t been printing customized coupons for a few weeks. We believe it’s a problem that CVS is having that they will hopefully remedy soon. Until then, the only way to get coupons is at the Red Machine itself, and it will only print the coupons advertised in the weekly circular.

  • goldie39

    So are the cvs app coupons same as the coupon machine.thank you…

    • HelperJen

      Yes. You can find your MCM coupons in the app, but the app only ones won’t print from the MCM.

  • Dana

    Awesome… convenient & I’m so glad you guys made it this way. GOOD JOB CVS!

  • Carolyn Jackson

    So I have a question that may be stupid. But if you can only use the cvs mcm coupon once then how do you buy more than one item and get the deal at that same price? Sorry I’m new to couponing and don’t quite understand everything yet. Do you have to have more than one cvs card or something?

    • Jen

      ok – yes you would have to have more than one card to get more than 1 MCM coupon. Did you have a specific deal in mind?

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