Posted: June 16, 2014

CVS load 2 card

Last week, I posted about the new option to send your CVS coupons to your ExtraCare card in lieu of printing them at the Magic Coupon Machine!  Read that post and learn about how you can also print your CRTs from your computer!  Well, it appears that there is another perk to doing this.  Tonight while I was planning my CVS trip for tomorrow, I noticed a few of my CRTs were going to expire tomorrow when I viewed them in my ExtraSavings account online.  So I thought I’d print them in case I found a deal to go with them tomorrow.  When I printed them, they printed with an expiration date of 2 weeks from today instead of tomorrow’s date, like the coupon End Date originally said in my ExtraSavings.  I tried it on a couple more coupons and it did the same thing!  Check this out:

This is what the coupon looks like under ExtraSavings in my ExtraCare account online.  Notice the End Date of 6/17/14.

3 off 15 Allergy CRT 061714

When I clicked the Print button, a separate window popped up with the coupon in it with an expiration date of 6/30/14!

3 off 15 Allergy CRT

It also updated the list in my ExtraSavings to show the new End Date of 6/30/14!

3 off 15 Allergy CRT 063014

I think they print this way because that’s how almost all CVS email coupons print.  They are designed to expire based on when the coupon was printed or sent to the ExtraCare card.  I’m hoping this will stay the norm for these coupons — I would get in the habit of checking my account once a week and any coupons that expire that week, I would just print or send it to my card so that the expiration date extends.  I don’t think that CVS would change it since most CVS stores accept expired CVS coupon anyway.

Try it with your ExtraSavings and let us know if you get the same result!  

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  • Hopelessly Devoted

    I tried to do this today but it did not work for me. I scan my card every mon to see what new coupons are sent. I think if you do not scan at the red box or send to card, wait until the day the coupon is set to expire, you will be able to extend the date. When it has been sent to card or printed, then you cannot extend the date. BUMMER!

    • Elizarae

      Yes the post states that sending to your card is in lieu of printing at the machine

  • Laura Ellis

    maybe “end ate” means last day to print it…?

    • Elizarae

      I don’t think so. In the past when you couldn’t load to your card, end date just meant expiration date.

  • Michelle B

    the cashier at CVS told me if you print them they NEVER expire even if the date is expired and when you send them to your card the actual expiration date is when they expire. I found that out the hard way so now I always print them

    • Elizarae

      That’s great your store accepts expired coupons. Unfortunately not all CVS stores do.

      • Anza R

        Michelle may be referring to her Extracare bucks. Not the CVS store coupons. I was told from two managers at two separate stores that ECBs don’t ever expire, but the cashier has to manually put it in the computer. I don’t think this is the case with MCM coupons, but it is worth asking about when doing my CVS run this week.

        • Elizarae

          Definitely worth asking! A lot of CVS stores accept BOTH expired ECBs and MCM coupons. There are 5 CVS stores near me and only 2 of them accept expired ECBs and only 1 accepts expired MCM coupons. The 2 that accept expired ECBs vary on how long they will accept them. One store says up to 6 months, the other is 2 weeks. So it definitely varies by store.

  • Holly

    I was at cvs last night and the manager came over and told me that cvs will no longer be accepting expired coupons. He said I was a corporate policy change. Has anyone else hears this?

    • kris

      my stores have said the same thing also

  • Nads

    I was told I could only do one transaction per visit to CVS. Is this true

  • Brenda Berenice Torres Rodrigu

    Is it true that cvs will accept expired coupons after 04/30/15?

    • Elizarae

      I haven’t heard anything like that. I don’t know of any retailer that accepts expired manufacturer coupons. Some stores accept expired ECBs and CVS coupons, but check with your store.

  • April Carmickle

    Every store is different I’ve been told by a couple of my CVS’ that they will take the q’s up to 2 weeks passed expiration so it just depends on your CVS

  • elizabeth

    When a special is…spend $30 and get $10 CVS cash card, which my total was $29.98 it didn’t give the $10 cash card?

    • Elizarae

      Usually, as long as you spend 98% of the spending requirement, you should earn the ECB. However, some promotions and even some stores require that you spend the minimum threshold.

    • Tracy Scheer

      I see this was a year ago, but it may help someone in the future. This happened to me when I bought Olay creme, which was on sale for $19.99 (you had 2 spend $20 to get $5ECB, I went back to the store the next week and said something- he looked it up then gave me a $5ECB :)

  • Karen Eveland

    My CVS always took the machine print off coupons 2 weeks after the expiration date. I went in last week and they said corporate will no longer allow any CVS’s to do this. I was so disappointed and mad. Its not like their isn’t a CVS on every corner it seems and a ton of couponers go there. I feel like people who use coupons are being singled out.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals

      correct they will no longer accept expired coupons or ECB’s. I think we were lucky that some stores were allowing this, as most do not.

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