Posted: August 22, 2012

UPDATE: Even though the coupon doesn’t exclude sale items, people are sayin you can’t do this deal

Did you print the new 20% OFF Beauty Purchase for CVS coupon I posted??!!  Normally they say “excludes sale items”  but this coupon doesn’t say that.

So here’s some cuckoo deals you can do this week until 08/22:


There is also a $3/1 Revlon Facial coupon that is printing from the Magic coupon machine. 


Warning: even though the coupon doesn’t exclude sale items – it’s causing trouble on sale items anyway as reported by some people.

Let us know if it works for you!

Thanks, time 2 save workshops!

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  • braveviet

    some people on facebook said it didn’t work for them yesterday. Only work on regular price. have you tried?

  • cvs employee

    It doesn’t work on sale items!!!! That includes items that are regular price and give u extra bucks….hence it won’t work on any of those items!!!

    • imagine1480

      okay!!!! thanks!!! exclamation points!!! lol!!! we get it!!!!

      • couponsavingwithsara

        I know I was like wow kind of rude.. I think we can all read and get the point!

        • cvs employee

          You are welcome!!!! Just trying to help u ppl. Don’t take it so personal touchy ppl

  • Jason

    The other deal combo I did was with L’Oreal:

    I bought the L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier B.B.Cream and the L’Oreal Bare Natural for $10.99 and $11.99 – $4.60 (20% off) – $2/1 IP – $2/1 IP – $5 ECB = $9.38 for both. My last trip at CVS printed out a $5/$15 at the bottom of my receipt, so my personal total for these items after ECB was $4.38 which equates to $2.19 each.

    My sister did a similar transaction on her card, but when I got home and looked at the receipt the 20% coupon didn’t take the correct amount off and the Revlon Moondrops lipstick she purchased rang up at full price $9.99 and didn’t print extrabucks. We will have to go back to correct this, but be sure to check your receipt and try to check the items as the cashier rings you up.

    • braveviet

      definitely have to check your receipt and your items too. many times the 20% or 30% didn’t come out right for me. Last week, the lady even forgot to put the item into the bag so I paid and didn’t get it

    • Jason

      Here’s a scan of my receipt. The L’Oreal stuff is not on sale; it’s full price because the extrabucks don’t count as a “sale”. The 20% off coupon should work on it with no problems.

  • Stephanie

    They said on the FB page the coupon excludes sale items.

    • Oh they must have just added that, bummer! I updated the post.

  • couponlover

    My cashier wouldn’t even try to scan it!!

  • Nina

    there’s also a $3 coupon printing from the machine at CVS that you can use for the lip stain!!! I did it the other day and made it $2.49 plus $4 ECB back!!!!

    • Jason

      The $3/1 is for “Revlon Eye or Face Cosmetics”. Are lip stains considered Face Cosmetics? Also, what was the original price on the lip stain, $5.49?

  • denise

    I went today to use the 20% off on beauty item. She scanned it and told me it was not going thru. She said it was a sale item and thats why it would not work. I bought the revoln lipstick.

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