Posted: January 29, 2012

UPDATE: This deal is dead. 

This deal is reported as “rolling”. AKA: Buy one, get an ECB.  Buy another one, use previous ECB to pay for it, and another ECB prints.  Please note that CVS will likely pull this deal at any time, so don’t go to the store just to do this deal.  Just try it out if you’re in there, and if it doesn’t roll take the second one back.

Skintimate Gel (7 oz) $3.89
Use the $0.55/1 coupon found in 1/15 SS (lookout for peelies on them!)
PAY = $3.34
Get back a $4 ECB (right now, we don’t know the limit)
Final Price= FREE + $0.66 money maker!!

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Thanks, LRWC!

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  • nolagilr

    I did this 3 times this morning, and it worked great.  Thanks!

  • Victoriap

    Is this an unadvertised sale? Was not in my circular or marked when I was in store yesterday (Sunday). Thanks

  • Rach3lbu11man

    I did this too!  On the tag it says limit 100 per household!!  Maybe this is just being discontinued??  3 for better than free!

  • Sps1113

    Luv these deals!  Thanks!

  • Laurie

    If you scan the product at the scanner, does it tell you the deal? I was going to have my husband stop by the CVS near us on his way home but I hate for him to just buy one and try it without a coupon! I hoped he could just scan the item and it would tell him that you get $4 with each purchase.

    • Ajbsmommah

      no, i dont believe it will show on the scanner, it will just show the price.

    • Jen

      No it won’t. I went today and tried to scan it to see and it doesn’t show. I took a chance. I didn’t receive the $4.00 ECB

  • Thomasmat1

    What is ECB ?

  • Stacey Brown

    I wish someone knew if there are any other products involved because it says schick and they have lots of goodies and razors would help!

  • Cathy

    Did this today, but it’s never without issues!

    Bought 2, got the $8 ECBS. Bought 2 more and nothing. The cashier called corporate and said there was a mistake and that i should be happy i got the first set of ECB’s. i will be contacting corporate myself as soon as i am done eating. if it was a mistake, it was on their part- not mine. i expect my other ecbs. 

    • Laurie

      Did you contact corporate? I spoke to an ExtraCare rep and she said that it was a mistake and that some stores received incorrect information. I do not think it is fair. I tried it today because there were signs everywhere advertising the deal and of course it didn’t work. The rep told the that the $4 in ECB was for Schick razors that are $9.99. I am going to call again tomorrow and speak to a customer service rep and see if I get anywhere with them. I did get her to add $1 to my extracare account for the $1 I did not receive when I purchased the Cadbury egg. I will be calling them every time it does not work!

      • Cathy

        I contacted corporate the day I bought the skintimate. I just received an email this morning that I should have received credit for my purchases and I should expect the ECBs I should have gotten in about 48 hours. When I was at the store immediately after I noticed I did not get the ECBs I should have gotten, the cashier called corporate and got the same response you did about the razors. But it worked with my 1st transaction and I didn’t think it was right what they were saying. That’s why I emailed them. Good luck and I hope you get the credit you should have gotten!

  • Kari

    I was at CVS Tues afternoon and I asked about this, and a manager came up and said all CVS stores got a call from headquarters and said to pull all these tags and that they changed it in the computers. Those who got it were lucky. They aren’t issuing any more. I just missed it. :(

  • Carolynrymarczuk

    I went to 4 different cvs’s in my area to find this deal and they were all sold out! So I went the next day to one of them after they recieved a new shipment and I was so excited cause there was 8 on the shelf and I was going to get all of them.  I got them up to the register and the manager informed me that the 100 limit was a typo and was suppose to say 1 so she only let me purchase 2.  I was so mad from reading about how others got more.  I called customer relations and they said that the managers can use their discretion to limit how many per customer depending on their stock. My cvs sucks!

  • Nichole D.

    I tried tonight in NH to get some and it did not produce any ECBs.  Bummer that I missed it.  One thing to note for others who are in my area is that Hallmark cards are buy 3 and receive $3 ECB… the $0.99 cards count and will return the ECB so that = 3 FREE cards!

    • Carolynrymarczuk

      It didnt produce ne cash back for me either the cashier had to manually do it but like I said in my post earlier the manager limited me to 1.

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