Posted: January 8, 2013

If you head in to CVS this week, be sure to scan your ExtraCare card at the Magic Coupon Machine.  You may get lucky and score a $10 off any Digestive Health Probiotic CRT!  This will go great with the ECB deal on Culturelle Probiotic this week, which is FREE after ECBs, so with this CRT you’ll have yourself a MONEY MAKER!

Thanks Readers Patricia and mabel!

View the complete list of CRTs printing from the Magic Coupon Machine this week plus deal ideas here!

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  • tnkaplan

    I did this transaction yesterday and they let me us the mfg couple too so it was $12 money maker,

    • belinda

      Which coupon?

      • Ashley

        If you have purchased a box before, it usually includes a 2$ man. cpn. making it a nice little mm

  • Cathy

    I got a coupon from the CVS MCM ,but it was for $10 off Align or a CVS brand digestive probiotic. Is this the coupon that you used on the Culturelle Probiotic? I believe Culturelle is a brand of it’s own.

    • Elizarae

      It seems that there are a few variations out there. I have heard of $10 off any Digestive Health and $10 off any Digestive Probiotic. Unfortunately, the CRT you received would not work for the Culturelle brand. It’s still FREE without the CRT though :)

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