Posted: March 26, 2014

SYWR points

I received an email from Shop Your Way Rewards with the subject “Surprise, surprise, surprise: Points for you!”  Check your Inbox and Spam/Junk Mail and see what you got! It came from Shop Your Way <>.   Last week I got $5 in FREE Points so you may get more than that!  Leave a comment if you received an email too!

My email also said “You can redeem them towards anything you’d like excluding Grocery and Pharmacy & Health.”

If you didn’t get an email then log into your SYWR account and click on Rewards Points on the top right.  It might show surprise points. If it does click on them to see how you get them.  You can see my full details below:

SYWR points

View the Kmart Deals for this week to spend your free points on!

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  • rattle

    i got $7 in sywr points to redeem on fine jewellary.i redemeed on
    Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Pendant with Marcasite for 7.49.loving my rewards!!!

  • JS

    i also got $3

  • Deest

    Mine says I have $5 to spend on a jewelry purchase of $40. I don’t want any jewelry. Are the points usable on other items, and would I still have to spend $40?

    • Elizarae

      I would think so, but I haven’t received an email like that and tried it.

  • Jessica Dillard

    I got $5! :)

  • Mallory

    i got $5 for purchases over $55 in jewelry…..

  • Alh071

    Mine said it had to be on jewelry too :(

    • Elizarae

      You can use the points on anything in the store. The email just says that to get you to buy jewelry…especially with Valentine’s Day coming up. In the Spring, these emails will say “to spend on Garden” and in the late Summer they will say “to spend on Back to School” so it’s just to drive sales.

  • Melissa

    I got $3 off jewelry. How do I use it? I put a jewelry item that was less than $3 in my cart, but I didn’t see it come off. How do I get it to work? Can I use it for other stuff besides jewelry? Does it have to be more than $3? Thanks for the help!

    • Elizarae

      Check your SYWR account. If your points are in your account, then when you checkout, just choose the option to redeem your points. It will deduct like a payment. You should be able to use your points on any item of any price.

      • Melissa

        In my SYWR account it shows the $3 off in a big banner on my account, but it still only shows I have 10 points. So it’s not showing the $3 worth of points. So weird. I sent them a quick e-mail so hopefully I’ll hear something soon. Thanks!

        • Melissa

          It apparently shows it in my history too with the details, but then doesn’t show any points at all for it. Weird.

        • Elizarae

          My account has the points in it already. Does your email say you have free points toward a certain purchase requirement? (i.e. $20 or more, etc.)

          • Melissa

            No, it just says $3 to use on my jewelry purchase.Not sure why it’s not working.

  • Emily

    Mine says $5 off $40 jewelry purchase.. I know I don’t necessarily have to buy jewelry, but will it work on a purchase of less than $40? Thank you.

  • Dawn

    I just looked at mine and it says save $7.00 on $60.00 of jewelry. Now I get it and I spent $120.00 there the other day.

  • Kim

    Thank you so much I got $3.00 at K-mart spent it today :) I missed the $5.00 one last week I am going to have to be sure to read my e-mails (specifically cuckoo for coupons) daily lol

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