Posted: July 7, 2013

UPDATE: Clairol posted to their facebook: “Thanks for the additional info. This coupon is good on only Clairol hair color. Totally understand the question as Herbal Essences is Clairol, however Herbal Essences hair care products run their own coupons. With that said, it is ultimately up to the retailer if they will honor it the way you’d like to use it. My best advice is to give it a try. Hope that helps! Happy Weekend! ^Renee”

So me personally (Deidre) would use it only on Clairol hair color even though it doesn’t say that is only what it is for.

Woot! The P&G insert from 07/07 has a cuckoo coupon for $5 off ANY 2 Clairol Products – and Herbal Essences is a Clairol product. The coupon isn’t just for haircolor products like we originally thought it would be! That coupon makes for these cuckoo deals:

Thanks, Shannon!

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  • princess

    did this deal today and it worked like a charm,,, didnt beep or anything… got me 4 shampoo and 4 conditioner all for free..=)

    • cbrynn

      Which store? Cvs or Kmart?

      • princess


  • Sarah Mercado Magboo

    My coupon from p&g only has $1/2. :-(

    • Jodee Martine

      its the coupon with all the boxes of hair dye

  • Sandra

    Well, they left out a critical piece of information…will P&G redeem the coupon when it is presented to them by the retailers who do decide to honor it. If they refund the retailer, then I’d absolutely ask my retailer if they would let me use it.

    • brookeannew

      That was what I was wondering as well…

  • Lora C

    I used the coupons for shampoo and conditioner at CVS today. It worked fine.

  • Yasmin

    How can I convince the retailer I tried it but the lady keep telling its for hair dye

  • Yasmin

    For the people h
    Who have used the 5/2 clairol products can u tell me which cvs so I can get them plz n thank you

  • Michelle Romine Crowe

    I price matched mine at Wal-Mart to CVS’s ad and used the coupon and it went through…. no problems.


    i went to one CVS and they wouldn’t accept it. Said it was only for hair color. I’m going to try a different CVS and c if it’ll be ok

  • Guest

    Clairol was asked on their facebook about using this coupon on the HE. They stated it was not intended for HE only hair color. Yes, they made a mistake. It’s up to you if you are ethical with your coupon use or not. I can’t believe a major blogger is promoting using it.

    • I am confused, I say in the post that I recommend using it only on Clairol hair color. Which blogger is promoting this?

      • laurad143

        Hey Deidre :) I think folks are just looking at the heading of the post and not seeing the mods you made once you got more info. Anyone following you for any amount of time knows you preach ethical couponing.

        • Oh I didn’t think of that, that was the post header yesterday before Clairol released that statement. I just updated the header, hope that clears things up!

          • laurad143

            With all the details you gotta track, if we can help in this very small way, we’re still getting a bargain :) Thanks for all you and your helpers do to make saving a cinch for the rest of us.

  • jasperbane

    it seems no one is listening and it;s going through , no beeps,,,they are saying the company made a mistake, so they should honor,,,hey,, more promo for their brand….;)

    ok so I had to go find out about this,, and yes they are letting you use it for the shampoo or color,,,,but the problem is none on shelf,,,,,lol

  • I say in the post that I recommend using it only on Clairol hair color.

  • Victoria Warr Rojas

    comment left on by clariol fb page by rep 2 hours ago
    Clairol Yes,
    since this was our mistake of not having “hair color” called out, we
    will honor the redemptions. However, our hope is that it will be used
    for its original intent. We apologize for any confusion this may have
    caused, and sincerely thank you for reaching out to us with your
    concerns. ^Renee


  • marty mcfly

    i dont think im a be using it for the shampoo/conditioner..i mean honestly if i totally ran out 100% of shampoo then maybe i would give it a try..but i got like 15 bottles in my stockpile so why bother?..i understand couponing could be addictive but you dont have to jump on every free deal that pops up

  • Rose

    I used it at Eagles and it worked fine. As long as Clairol will refund the retailer, I don’t see a problem. Regardless of what the coupon is supposed to be used for, it’s $5 dollars off items, hair dye or shampoo. Savings is savings and money is money.

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