Posted: February 6, 2013

One time I tested getting points on a deal with using a coupon on that same deal, and didn’t get my points.  I thought it was because I used a manufacturer’s coupon on that item.  It turned out, even if you didn’t use a coupon you wouldn’t have gotten the points; the deal just wasn’t working.  Which, if you are a regular Kmart shopper, you know that used to happen a lot.  Lately though, things have been getting much better.  The last two weeks, things have actually all worked out perfectly for me.

I used a manufacturer’s coupon on the Peter Pan Diamond Edition, and still got my 5,000 points ($5 in points).  My daughter’s birthday is coming up and she really wants this movie, so I am nearly ready for her party.  I also got my extra 5% in points because I used points in January, they said all of February I’d get 5% back in points on my purchases.  Glad that is working too.

Deidre’s Transaction:

Not the best coupon deal in the world in terms of low OOP, but I got my fix on my favorite cereal, and got a birthday present checked off the list, so I’m happy with it.

I also got a CRT for $10 in points wyb $50 on any merchandise! This is a rare CRT because usually it is specifically groceries or beauty, to be able to use it on anything is great.

More details on the Kellogg’s Kmart Coupon deal I did.

View more Kmart Deals this week – like free Pert Plus!  I would have done it, but I can’t find my pert plus coupons :(

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  • Heather

    I have a question in regards to those Catalina’s. When it says off merchandise is that on anything and everything in the store including health and beauty? Or does it exclude health and beauty?

    Thanks in advance!

    • It includes everything but prescriptions. My daughter’s birthday is coming up, I am going to do a few coupon deal items + toys.

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