Posted: January 29, 2013

Note: Kmart Double Coupon Shopping may be confusing if you are new, read the rules.

Well I stacked two great email deals from Kmart this week and it worked great!  I rocked these deals I posted previously; both in one transaction:

Here’s other deals I did in this transaction – all of them worked flawlessly (super rare at Kmart!)

  • Spend $15.00 on Dove, Suave or TRESemme Haircare Product, Save $3.00 Instantly, Valid through 2/4
  • Tresemme Haircare, BOGO 50% off  (your BOGO free coupon will automatically take off $6!)
  • Scott Extra Soft 12 Rolls Toilet Paper $4.97 + use $2/1 Kmart Store Coupon (scanned first) + double the $1/1 manufacturer = $.97 total! Just $.08 per roll.  Everything scanned fine, no beeps.  thanks to reader Melissa for letting us know about that great in-store tearpad coupon!
  • Buy $30 in P&G items, get $10 CRT coupon
  • Double manufacturer’s coupons $1 and under

I am still sitting here in shock over one of the most flawless trips of my life.  Things went so well, infact, that my total was under $10 and I wasn’t able to use the $10 off any Kmart store purchase CRT I had brought with me.  For one thing, I wasn’t expecting the Tresemme coupon to take off $6 when they only cost $4.69 to begin with. Anyways, apparently the cashier hit total, and I owed $7.19, and since she hit total she said she couldn’t scan any more items to get my total up to $10 so I could scan the $10 off coupon.  I didn’t want to re-do the transaction, because I had used that coupon for get 15% back in points, so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to use that CRT anyways.  So I didn’t get to test that out.  I already have tons of plans for that $10 CRT though, as you’ll see in my post later tomorrow, I saw dozens of items on clearance.  Oh you are going to squeal when you see it, because clearance is the same at most Kmarts nationwide.   If you can’t wait here’s a tip: take that $1/1 covergirl coupon with ya.

It just takes a long time to upload the pics and write out all those clearance deals, and it’s nearly bedtime here, so I’ll post those tomorrow.

Here’s my transaction:

Here’s my receipt:

Bonus: Look what printed!  Enfamil catalina that pairs well with the sale this week:

Buy (2) Enfamil 23.3 or 28 oz., $23.49 each (reg. $26.49) PLUS save $5 instantly wyb 2.  
Use the $5/1 catalina
Final Price= $18.49 each wyb 2 (assuming you only have 1 catalina).

Before you head on out, view my weekly Kmart deals list with even more deals.  And don’t forget I’ll be posting tons of clearance deals tomorrow.

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  • Christi

    Deidre, I need to point out a few things so that your readers don’t get upset with you. First of all, your Tresemme ads up to over $15 after the sale. Instant savings and point offers work AFTER sale prices. Also, your coupons were obviously manually typed in ($6 non food manufacturer coupon, etc) so that Tresemme coupon will NOT work like for most people. Kkmart’s registers will either prompt for the price or if you have all of the same it might auto deduct at the correct price. Kmart’s registers NEVER auto deduct at max value or at anything higher than the actual price and they rarely auto deduct at all.

    • On the tresemme, I watched her, she just scanned the coupon, clicked on the Treseme on that pop-up box that appears (at Kmart, a pop-up appears for the cashier to tie a coupon to an item), and it took off $6. I did not see her manually type it in, and I was watching very carefully. I just re-calculated, I originally thought it was $14.06 but didn’t realize one rang up higher than the others. Watch out for that, it’s a good idea to buy that one that is $5.99 so your total gets over $15! The others are $4.69. So my total was $15.36, the perfect amount really to get that $3 off. Thanks so much for catching that! Now people know to buy 1 that is higher-priced.

      • Deidre do we need to physically have our card or will our phone number be just as good?

        • I think you can use your phone #, but if you do that and you want to redeem points I think you have to know your pin #.

      • Nikki

        Your store didn’t follow the tresemme coupon properly in that they allowed you to use two of that coupon in the same transaction. Most people will not be able to get about the fifteen dollar mark with tresemme alone using these coupons. Dove and suave are also included in that promotion though.

        • The coupon says limit 2 per shopping trip. I only used 2 coupons. Also today I noticed one row of tresemme is $5.99 and another row is $4.69, so people should be able to do the deal exactly as I did and it will work. The cashier might take off $4.69 for each one, making your OOP slightly more, but still a great deal.

      • Alison

        If the coupon was scanned the receipt would say “scanned coupon,” in your transaction the coupon was manually entered.

      • melissa

        mine scanned but prompted the cashier to enter a specific price. she picked 5.99, since that was my most expensive bottle, and then it prompted her to attach it to an item.

    • Tiffany

      I think how she explained made perfect sense… Many of the bogo coupons auto deduct at most stores now. I have noticed that many of the Unilever and proctor and gamble now do this ( for the past year so) I am pretty sure that this has to do with the coupon coding as it is doing the same at CVS unless the cashier over rides.

  • Sarahy

    What did the Scott tearpad coupon say? Was it $2 off any Scott TP? I have a coupon but it says its off the 15 roll regular kind of Scott.

    • Here it is I took a picture. It is for the 12 big rolls packs, as shown in my shopping trip picture above.

  • christel

    Anybody?? Somebody?? Does the email from Sears for SYWR that states $12 off $50 at sears mean you can use at kmart too??? Trying to plan a trip and cant get an answer anywhere! THANKS! I would really appreciate if anyone knows!!

    • I have never tried one of those at Kmart so I don’t know. You could try calling customer service and asking. Wish I knew too.

  • Nikki

    There was various different tearpads for different sizes at my store. However my store was extremely rude about the tresemme coupon. It wouldn’t scan so they only gave me the price of the half off bottle discounted!

  • Emily

    My store had $1.75 peelies on some of the Tresemme, so if I bought 6, used 3 B1G1 and 3 $1.75 peelies this would be a moneymaker.. how does Kmart handle overage?

    • Kmart does not do overage. I also don’t think they’ll let you use a BOGO free coupon with the cents off coupons.

      • Emily

        Dang it! That foils my plans..

  • TJ

    My SYWR deal offered me $7 in points after spending $35 so I bought $35.50 in P&G products, or so I thought. Turned out I only had $34 worth. I hate when Kmart improperly displays the shelf price as I thought the (3) Tide Boost I purchased was $6.99 as displayed. It was actually on sale for $6.49 unbeknownst to me.

    • TJ

      Okay, I went back and purchased $37.42 worth of product including the Tresemme deal. Still no points showed up. It must have been because they deducted $3 at the end for the Tresemme. I just cant win.

      • Those deals are $35 after all discounts, like $3 off instantly, and Kmart store coupons. But if you are at $35 after all those are deducted, then you could use manufacturer coupons to drop your total below $35 and you’d get the points, this is what I did

  • I went to Kmart today and they were out of the Scott 12 pack and the matching coupons so I got the 15 pack with the $2 off coupon and $1. Off manufacturer coupon that doubled. I also bought 2 Purex laundry detergent $2/$6 with (2)$1/1 which doubled so I paid $1 a bottle… disappointed about the toilet paper but score on the laundry soap! !!

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