Posted: January 24, 2013

This week Kmart has Jumbo Packs of Huggies or Pampers for only $9!  Combine that with some other offers and you come up with some CUCKOO DEALS!  A lot of readers have found a $4/1 Tearpad Kmart Store Coupon for Hawaiian Jumbo Diapers (size 3, 4 and 5) and if you check your Endorse App you may have a 50% back on ANY Brand Diapers offer (upgrade it from 10%)!  Combine this with a manufacturer coupon means you can pick them up for only $1.50 per pack!  Don’t worry if you don’t find the tearpad of coupons.  I’ve put together other deals you can do depending on what you find at your store.  You can still get them for stock up prices!  If you don’t have the Endorse App for your smart phone it’s easy to SIGN UP!  I’ve been using it since it came out and have been earning lots of cash back myself!  My Diaper Offer just showed up this morning and is good through 1/30.

Here are the deals (thru 1/26):

Did anyone else get this offer from Endorse?

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  • alh071

    I have the diapers offer!

  • JP

    In northern Michigan these were not part of the sale… they were 10.99 a pack.

  • KristinaC

    If your store does not have the tear pad by the diapers check customer service. My store had all of the weekly/monthly tearpads at the customer service desk in a basket. Which I much better prefer! It keeps people from taking too many and they are all in one place:) I just stop by the cs desk before my trip and choose which coupons I need!!

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