Posted: March 18, 2010

I decided not to post this coupon, because it SCREAMED fraudulent.  The URL says “NYC” in it, making me think it was only intended for people in NYC.  But it says “Valid at all Kmart locations” on the bottom, and is hosted on’s site.

I do NOT post PDF coupons on my site that aren’t hosted by the company the coupon is for (aka URL should be, not for a Kmart coupon).  Because those coupons could be fraudulent and you could go to jail for transferring/using them.  Read more about the hundreds of fraudulent coupons that are ruining it for all couponers at The Coupon Information Corporation’s website. The CIC posts fraudulent coupons and up to $2,500 rewards if you can help discover who created them.  It costs stores lots of money to accept coupons, only to not have them redeemed by manufacturer’s because it is a fake.  I don’t want any part in fraudulent couponing – I don’t want stores to stop accepting legit internet printable coupons because they are scared it might be fake!

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