Posted: September 10, 2013

Kmart Kleenex Catalina Alert!

There is a new Kleenex catalina for $2 wyb 3 bundle packs, and this pairs perfectly with the monthly ad deal where you buy $15 and get a $5 CRT coupon.

Buy (3) Kleenex Bundle Packs, $5 each (monthly ad shows $4.99, but luckily they are ringing up $5 because of a weekly deal)
Use (3) $0.50/1 Kleenex Facial Tissue Bundle pack, exp. 9/14/13 (SS 08/11/13) -$3
Pay = $12
Get= $5 CRT coupon for buying $15 in Kleenex
Get = $2 catalina *confirmed by Kristina as it printed for her on 09/10/13 at Kmart, we don’t when it ends, but we believe it is 10/06/13
Final Price= $5 or $1.66 per bundle pack or $.55 per individual packages!

Thanks, Kristina!

Kmart doubles coupons after reaching a $25.00 minimum in grocery, baby, health and/or beauty items before coupons. Kmart will double five manufacturer coupons up to $1 per transaction. View more Kmart Coupon Deals I’ve posted to get your totals to $25!

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  • courtney

    How will it be $9 if your only using 3 .50 coupons, doubles would make it -3 not -6. Am I missing something???

  • Eriana

    If a product is bogo free then how many coupon can we use? 1 or 2? I know we can use only 1 coupon for bogo free at Walgreen! Is it the same at another stores? I’m new to couponing so… Plz tell me

    • It varies by store

      • Eriana


  • Maddie

    I think these would be $12 after coupons, get $5 crt and $2 cat, so $5 for all 3 bundles, $1.66 each right?

    • Oh you are right! I am used to doubling $1 coupons. So it is $3 off, I updated the post.

  • Ashley

    I have the $5 and $3 catalinas from last weeks Cottonelle Deal. Can I use those to pay for the Kleenex and still get the 2 catalinas from this week? And still use 3 MQ for the Kleenex? Thanks!

    • Yes but you can only use 1 CRT per transaction to pay with. More than that can print, but only 1 can be used as payment.

  • Janny

    I received $2 Catalina from scott deal but when I try to use it, it asked for the amount and the cashier inputs the amount than it will say no match? When and how can I use it? It’s about to expire? Thanks

    • Did you have an item to attach it to, i.e. a filler item?

      • Janny

        Yes. 4 of my items I didn’t have coupons for. I even gave the Catalina first to the cashier

        • Most cashiers would just manually enter it in, I would try a different cashier.

          • Janny

            Ok. I still haven’t met a cashier that nice at our Kmart

  • Rachel

    I wanted to do the Garnier deal and the QN deal…will I get both $5 rewards? And can I use the $10 in points CRT in the transaction (get points added to account) and use my points I have to pay?

    • I wouldn’t use your points you have to pay if you are trying to get any points to earn. Other than that you should be fine!

  • Kristina

    there is also a 1$ off a bundle pack on the kimberly clarke website, if you share it. so it makes great deal

    • steph

      Can you please post a link for that? I only found one for hand towels.

      • Sandra

        I’ll try but the url may get stripped out:

      • Sandra

        you can’t share urls without an automatic block on the reply. try searching for it is a kimberly clark coupon site

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