Posted: March 16, 2017

View Kmart Coupon Deals 03/12-03/18 below (and catch my instore video above):


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  • goldie39

    Am i the only one that can’t find $2 tide or gain coupons…

  • Jane

    Where is it advertised online for the four dollars back in points on Russell Stover boxed candy?

    • DatFL

      Please advise. I couldn’t find it either. Thank you.

  • azcomm

    I want my free candy! Thanks for the info!

  • Julie

    Nice deal for the chocolate!

  • ginger

    I did the chocolate deal on Thursday not knowing about the money back (ours don’t have signage). Anyway, I paid with points and get $4 back after 24 hours. I went back the next day and grab 4 more and paid with points but didn’t get the points back the second time. I called and they added $16 in my account but I think they change the rules about using points on the chocolate.

    • Thanks for the update!

      • Jane

        Can you please tell me where this points information can be found because I cannot find it anywhere. The boxes of chocolate. Thank you.

        • It’s not online anymore, but some stores have signs up and some don’t. Mine didn’t and it still was at my store.

          • Jane

            I ordered them online but it will only give $2 ish points for 4 boxes total.

            • TamekaK

              Order online and choose pay at store option and you’ll get the points back

    • TamekaK

      As long as you pay at least one penny out of pocket you’ll get the points back

      • ginger

        Have you tried this deal with only a penny OOP? Did it give you the points back in the receipt or do you also have to call? tia for your response. I might go back again and get some more chocolates before the promo ends.

        • TamekaK

          Tried it with this and the Gain deal. The points for the chocolates showed up immediately,but the points for the Gain showed up the next day. Both were separate transactions just to make sure that the points back were correct.

  • Jane

    Do you have to be a Shop Your Way max number to receive the points?

    • yes, it is free sign up on and give them your phone number at checkout

  • Lindsey

    I clicked the link for Tide pods coupon but I could not find it. I can only see coupon that added into shopper card.

    • Jen

      Looks like that coupon is out of prints. We will let you know if it comes back.

    • That coupon is pretty old, did you already print it a few weeks ago?

  • Kari

    Does the chocolate deal work on the rabbits too?

    • no it’s only on the boxes I show on the video

  • Sandra

    On the buy 2 get one free laundry detergent can you use a coupon $5 off 3

  • keely hostetter

    Some good deals this week, thanks!

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