Posted: October 29, 2012

Check your emails! sent me an email yesterday saying “Deidre, take $5 off your purchase for a limited time!”  It has a $5 off $50 purchase coupon inside.

It says to print it off, and scan it on a $50 purchase or more and get $5 OFF.  It doesn’t say $5 in points… hurray!  I am going in to try this out today.

UPDATE: Print the $165 in Kmart coupons here!

Now check your emails again – and spam! sent me an email saying “Check out the Hot Wheels Collectors Event” and at the bottom of that email is a cuckoo link you’ll want to click.  See the screenshot below:

Inside is a coupon booklet with some really amazing coupons that don’t expire until 12/31!  Christy emailed me a link to her coupon booklet, unfortantely all coupons have a different barcode then the ones in the email that was sent to me, which means these are unique coupon booklets that can’t be shared.

They are all Kmart coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons.  Examples of my favs – I typed up this list real quick, if you see some more good ones let me know and I’ll add it to the list:

  • $1/1 Maybelline Cosmetics  – these are BOGO 50% off all the time, so this should make for a cuckoo deal!
  • $1/1 Sally Hansen Luster Shine Nail Polish
  • $1/1 Nicole by OPI Nail Polish
  • $2/1 ANY Finesse Haircare Item
  • $2/1 ANY Pantene Haircare Item  -checkout a freakishly good deal scenario below for this week!
  • $2/1 ANY Fantasia Haircare Styler
  • $2/1 Magic Shave Item
  • $3/1 ANY Simple Skincare Item
  • $2/1 Jergens Natural Glow item
  • $3/1 Any Palmers Facecare Item
  • $3/1 Aquaphor Item
  • $1 off Olay Bar Soap 4-6 pack
  • $1 off Olay Bodywash
  • Jergens Liquid Hand Soap 5 for $5
  • $1/2 Ban Deodorant Products
  • $1/2 Right Guard or Dry Idea Deodorants 
  • $3/1 Hydro 5 or Silk Hydro Razor
  • $1 off Fusion, Fusion Proglide, Venice Embrace or Olay Razors  -this could be used in a lot of deal scenarios from my list this week!
  • $1 off Shick Quattro or Hydro 3 Razors
  • $1/1 Vasoline Lip Therapy
  • $1 off Aleve
  • $1/3 Renuzit Cones
  • $1/1 Huggies Baby Wipes
  • $3/1 Huggies Hi-Count Jr. Diaper Packs– ad shows size 4 with 117 diapers in them. 
  • $2/1 Huggies Goodnights Big Packs
  • $1/2 Mars Mini Bags
  • $1/1 Reeces 1 lb.
  • and more!

Yippee skippy!  So I would make sure you opt-in to be a SYWR bonus member so you are getting those emails.

Ok now here’s a new deal idea for this week:

Thanks, couponingwithchristy for the pantene $2/1 idea!

Surprise coupons…

Don’t forget to login to SYWR, I noticed when I logged in that I had coupons available to me that I hadn’t known about before!

Before you go, view my weekly Kmart Coupon Deals list.   Just scroll down the Kmart category to find it.

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  • Nicole

    Love this deal matchup. My email was $5 off $100. Boo :(

  • nd

    I didn’t get that coupon book in my email.

  • Meagan Wolpert

    I never get these emails and I have my updated info:(

    • Livvy

      Same here! Anyone know how we can get these emails?

  • Beanmom

    Check all your Kmart emails for today as my coupon booklet was at the bottom of my email entitled “Save up to 40% on outerwear?”

  • laura

    I just bought more than 60 dollars in p&g and they didn’t give me the 10 dollar coupon. they said it was expired even tho they had the signs up still.I bought 4 boxes of luvs diapers on. The 27 th,Saturday.

    • nd

      I don’t think Luvs are P&G. Pampers are.

      • Elizarae

        Luvs are P&G too

    • Elizarae

      It is a CRT (cash register tape). It prints after your receipt on a separate receipt. It doesn’t look like a coupon at first, but it is! Are you sure you didn’t get one?

    • This deal started 10/28, Sunday. I think you shopped one day to early! Go back and have them void it and re-ring it up, I did it today and it printed fine.

  • jackie

    there is a link to the $165 coupon book on kmarts coupon page, but the link is broken. its a pdf, so probably not unique codes

    this is the page its on

    this is the link that does not work

  • HelperJen

    Hi! I got an email with “Save up to 40% outerwear” in the subject line that had the coupons when you scroll all the way to the bottom. It came 10/29.

  • Amy

    I found the diapers on sale but they were not marked. Thanks for the heads up or I never would have found them. I spent $50 but my take $5 off when you redeem your points didn’t work. I ended up voiding the transaction and paying only for the diapers. Still a great deal.

  • TJ

    I have never had any luck trying to combine a computer printed coupon with a CRT coupon.

  • liciasmommy

    got the email but mine said $5 off $100 or more also Booo!

  • Waychu

    Looking at the coupon book online and WOW. Not only are these multiple use coupons but some of the coupons can be used up to 5 per transactions!

  • scrappingramma

    Is there a way to print them more to a page? It prints 2 on a page but not very large. Seems 3 sets could fit on a page. 58 pages of paper is a lot. Also why cant I find a spot to comment on the Facebook page? I see people that make comments but there are no spaces anywhere for me to ask a question or comment on facebook. Thanks! I do love this site :)

  • Kim

    I love this site thank you so much. I am new at this and can not find some of the coupons.

  • Kim

    what is a crt?

    • Cash Register Tape – it doesn’t print on the catalina machine, it prints after your receipt on that type of paper

  • Rachel

    In the Kmart coupon policy it says that the Kmart coupons can’t be stacked with manufacterer coupons. Is this just some sort of special they are having with this booklet? I have a lot of diaper ones where I can get a great deal so I would love to know if I can double. Thank you.

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