Posted: March 1, 2013

Kmart’s March 03/03-03/09 ad is up and the store coupons & deals are great! Confused about where to get coupons that aren’t printable – learn how to get those coupons!

  • Kmart will double up to $1 manufacturer’s coupons – EVERYDAY!
  • Limit 5 coupons per day
  • You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons
  • Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item.
  • You must scan your shop your way rewards card to get your coupons doubled
  • You must have a minimum of $25 in groceries and pharmacy items before coupons are scanned in order for them to be doubled.
  • Kmart won’t give you overage.  If you have a $1.94 item and use $1/1 coupon, the coupon will double to take $1.94 off total, not $2 off.
  • Don’t checkout at customer service because they don’t have catalina machines.
  • NEW IMPORTANT INFO! In order to stack Kmart in-ad coupons with manufacturer’s coupons, you MUST hand the Kmart coupons over first, then the manufacturer’s ones! The fine print on Kmart coupons means you can’t stack Kmart store coupons, it doesn’t have anything to do with manufacturer’s coupons.
  • “Spend $50, get 5,000 SYWR Points”: If you have a CRT that says “spend $50, get 5,000 SYWR points” or any other amount of points, it is critical that you read this post on how to use it.  
  • Catalinas & CRT coupon offers: If  there is a deal such as “buy $10 in maybelline, get $5 coupon” you can spend $10 before coupons are scanned, bring your total down by scanning coupons below $10, and your coupon offer will print.
  • CRT’s: Can only use 1 per transaction, even if they are for different things.  Example: Can’t use a “$10 off your next shopping trip, from P&G CRT ” and a “get 5,000 SYWR points wyb $50 CRT” in one transaction.  You also can’t use a CRT and a Kmart catalina to pay for one transaction.
  • Expecting a catalina but it didn’t print? Contact catalina here or call 1-888-826-8766

Final prices reflect coupons being doubled!

Watch my Kmart coupon training video! if you’re new to Kmart extreme coupon shopping.

Shop Your Way Rewards Card: Must be scanned to get most deals/rewards at Kmart. Every 1,000 points is worth $1.00. These are easy to redeem – when you are checking out just say you’d like to pay with the rewards you have on your card. I just used $12 in rewards the other day!

*****Cuckoo “Stock Up” Prices are in Pink! ****Great prices are in black! If it’s in the ad and I didn’t list it here, I don’t think it’s a great price so don’t buy it unless you can’t wait for it to go on a better sale.

Cuckoo-est Deals
Spend $30 on P&G items, get $10 CRT Coupon
Save $5 Instantly wyb $15 in SELECTED Nabisco & Reese Products
Spend $20, Get $5 Coupon On S.C. Johnson / Kimberly Clark brands
Save $5 Instantly wyb $15 in Garnier Skincare
Other Deals

I’ll be posting the monthly March deals list which start on 03/03 soon!

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  • Tj

    If you purchase two ZzzQuils in different transactions, will you get 5000 points each time or is it just a one time deal?

    • It is one per transaction, so if you buy 2 more in a separate transaction, you should get your points.

  • Tj

    Can you use the $5 SC Johnson coupon and the $3 Glade Jar catalina together in one transaction?

    • I don’t know if the $5 SC Johnson coupon will print as a catalina or as a CRT. If it is a catalina, some stores won’t let you use 2 catalinas in one transaction. If it’s a CRT, you probably can. You can only use one CRT per transaction, but you can use one catalina & one CRT.

  • Plateofshrimp

    For the P & G, is the amount towards the $30 counted as shelf price (for instance, $15.98 ($7.99 twice) for the mascara when you buy two) or as the B1G1 half off price ($11.98)? And are any P & G items (such as the Pampers diapers in the monthly ad) included?

    • Yes all items P&G including diapers are included, as for the P&G promo, I am not sure. I have done $28 after all BOGO sales on a J&J promo, and the $10 printed. Not sure with P&G what will happen

      • Plateofshrimp

        Thanks – a friend told me it’s shelf price on the BOGO 1/2 half off. If I try, I’ll let you know if it worked!

        • Plateofshrimp

          Looks like shelf price counts towards the P&G. I spent only $28 on P&G (with BOGO 1/2 off Cover Girl) and got the $10 off. Thanks to your awesome matchups, I was able to only spent $1.50 OOP for diapers and still qualify for the $15 P&G rebate. Cuckoo!

  • Grace

    The crt’s and catalina’s cannot be used when purchasing BOGO items. Does this apply to BOGO 50% off??

    • I have always used mine on BOGO with no problems as long as my total after bogo savings is over the amount I need to spend to use the CRT or catalina

      • Grace


  • Sherry

    Kmart’s March 03/03-03/09 ad is up and the store coupons & deals are great! I clicked on the link above and only saw the current weeks ad. How do you access the 3/3/13 ad?

    • If you are logged in to SYWR, it lets you view next week’s ad 03/03, once you are logged in there is a drop-down box to select next week.

      • janene2003

        4 some reason it’s not giving me a choice to preview tomorrow’s ad….guess i could go to the store to look at an early edition

  • janene2003

    on the P&G rebate are we able to provide 2 receipts? I’d like to get my $50 in at Kmart but also take advantage of the $10 P&G deal twice for in store purchases & get the $5 gc once (or maybe twice?)
    but if i have to spend $50 worth on one receipt then…I’ll just keep being confused

    • Which P&G rebate are you talking about? The $10 P&G deal isn’t a rebate, it’s a $10 off anything at Kmart coupon that prints after your receipt, but you can only get one of those per transaction

      • janene2003

        I was talking about the buy $50 get $15 MIR deal….I just saw that it is for beauty items (for MIR) ie the Pantene, Olay, etc. I also see that it does say to attach receipt(s) so I’m going to do 2 receipts because the CRT we get in the store is when we buy $30 we’ll get $10. BUT I’m going to spend at least $50 on stuff in the store in one transaction so that I can get the $5 gc as well as the $10 CRT. The second transaction will complete the amount required to be spent for the MIR.
        Does any of that ramble sound logical to you? Also, I can use my $5 gc (when redeemable) with my $10 CRT correct?

        • It sounds right to me, I use a GC with a CRT with no problems

  • martin3

    If I do the P&G deal with the Glade deal and use a $10 in point when you spend $50, will I get the P&G $10, Glade $5 and catalina, $10 in points and $5 gift card. I won’t be using any points in the transaction.

    • yes, you can do that. At least for sure all of it but the $5 gift card, some cashiers won’t let you get that unless your total is $50 after manufacturer’s coupons (at my store it is after Store coupons) so YMMV on the $5 gift card, but everything else should work fine.

      • TJ

        What if Martin3 was to use points in the above transaction?
        Would it make a difference?

        • martin3

          I am thinking if you use any points and the total drops below $50, you won’t be awarded the $10 in points for spending $50(this coupon was emailed to me, $5 in points for spending $35 also).

  • martin3

    Sadly , the points that was added to my account are only redeemable at Sear’s. They gave my $3. Too far away(10 miles) for only $3 dollars.

    • TJ

      Same here. Too bad they don’t sell groceries w/ double q’s at Sears.

  • terry

    can you do the 10 back when u spend 30on p&g once or more thru the week?

    • yes, but each time you do it you must do a separate transaction. Also items do not track like Rite Aid, meaning all $30 must be in one transaction.

  • Kendall

    On the Pantene would the cashier have the choice of taking off the full price item since the free item is conditioner when you buy shampoo. Do the items need to be rung up in a certain order so the shampoo rings up as the 50% off item? Also if you buy 3 shampoos (and get 3 free conditioners) can you also use the $3/3 coupon on shampoos with the BOGO.

    • It’s really up to your cashier, all items “ring up” full price, they show up full price, then below them they are taken 50% off for the 50% off ones, my cashier always takes off full price but I’ve had readers who said they had cashiers refuse to do so, remember to tell cashiers they get reiumbursed for the coupons, some don’t know that.

  • Heather

    Can you use points to pay when earning points in that transaction?

  • Lisa

    Did the P&G deal with 2 Bounty, 1 Duracell battery, 2 Downey, 1 Febreze candle (on clearance) & got the $10 CRT. Used $1/2 Bounty, $1/1 Duracell, $1.50/2 Downey & $1/1 Febreze. Also did the SC Johnson deal with 4 ziploc sandwich bags, 2 glade candles, 1 viva paper towel totaling $20.50 and no CRT or catalina printed (sad face). Did get to use my 10,000 points wyb $50 CRT and got the $5.00 gift card wby $50. Who should I contact regarding the $5 SC Johnson not printing?

    • I’d call Kmart customer service

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