Posted: October 20, 2012

Kmart’s ad is up and the store coupons & deals & matchups are great! Confused about where to get coupons that aren’t printable – learn how to get those coupons!

  • Kmart will double up to $1 manufacturer’s coupons – EVERYDAY!
  • Limit 5 coupons per day
  • You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons
  • Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item.
  • You must scan your shop your way rewards card to get your coupons doubled
  • You must have a minimum of $25 in groceries and pharmacy items before coupons are scanned in order for them to be doubled.
  • Kmart won’t give you overage.  If you have a $1.94 item and use $1/1 coupon, the coupon will double to take $1.94 off total, not $2 off.
  • Don’t checkout at customer service because they don’t have catalina machines.
  • NEW IMPORTANT INFO! In order to stack Kmart in-ad coupons with manufacturer’s coupons, you MUST hand the Kmart coupons over first, then the manufacturer’s ones! The fine print on Kmart coupons means you can’t stack Kmart store coupons, it doesn’t have anything to do with manufacturer’s coupons.
  • “Spend $50, get 5,000 SYWR Points”: If you have a CRT that says “spend $50, get 5,000 SYWR points” or any other amount of points, it is critical that you read this post on how to use it.  
  • Catalinas & CRT coupon offers: If  there is a deal such as “buy $10 in maybelline, get $5 coupon” you can spend $10 before coupons are scanned, bring your total down by scanning coupons below $10, and your coupon offer will print.
  • CRT’s: Can only use 1 per transaction, even if they are for different things.  Example: Can’t use a “$10 off your next shopping trip, from P&G CRT ” and a “get 5,000 SYWR points wyb $50 CRT” in one transaction.  You also can’t use a CRT and a Kmart catalina to pay for one transaction.
  • Expecting a catalina but it didn’t print? Contact catalina here or call 1-888-826-8766

Final prices reflect coupons being doubled!

Watch my Kmart coupon training video! if you’re new to Kmart extreme coupon shopping.

Shop Your Way Rewards Card: Must be scanned to get most deals/rewards at Kmart. Every 1,000 points is worth $1.00. These are easy to redeem – when you are checking out just say you’d like to pay with the rewards you have on your card. I just used $12 in rewards the other day!

*****Cuckoo “Stock Up” Prices are in Pink! ****Great prices are in black! If it’s in the ad and I didn’t list it here, I don’t think it’s a great price so don’t buy it unless you can’t wait for it to go on a better sale.

Kmart Weekly:

Cuckoo-est Deals
Spend $15 Get $5 coupon on Unilever Items
Other Deals
Get $3 Off Instantly wyb $15
Get $5 coupon wyb $15

Kmart Monthly:

Member Weekly Coupons
In Ad Coupons
Cuckoo-est Deals
FREE Georgia-Pacific Copy Paper WYB Two of the participating Products
Get a $5 off coupon
$5 coupon off next purchase wyb $20 combined of any Jergens, Curel, biore, ban or John Frieds products from Kao Brands Company



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  • Connie Tamburin

    My Kmart in Ohio doesn’t do double coupons everyday. They don’t know when they accept them. They really have no idea. They are so uninformed it’s awful. It is so frustrating.

    • Do they have the monthly ad? It says everyday in it

    • Krafter902

      Where in Ohio because mine (Dayton) has been doubling everyday for awhile now? Sometimes they don’t even know what sale is going on in the store. You may want to just try it out for yourself.

  • amanda

    anyone know if it’s still 10 coupons doubling?

    • Well as of today they are, but we won’t know about next week until people test it out tomorrow, and sometimes it varies by store

    • Suzy

      That’s what I’m wondering too!

  • Suzy

    To get the free copy paper can you get it for free on the paper towels this week that are on sale for $4.99?

    • yes! thanks for noticing that. I updated the post!

  • bea

    Not sure how the douple coupons work if I buy
    5 Scott 12-pack big rolls extra soft TP, $5.49 each total of $27.45
    Use (5) $1/1 coupon which should double I end up paying
    Pay: $17.45?

    • Michelle

      Yes, that’s correct. You will also get a $5 coupon for spending $15. Making your deal $12.45 or $2.45 each. Also, don’t forget your free Reece’s coupon from the monthly ad.

  • Matt

    In regards to staking a kmart with a manufacture coupon. I live in Wi and my Kmart registers will not let you stack a kmart in ad coupon with a Manufacture coupon. I have tried it many times and given the kmart coupon first and also tried giving the manufacture coupon first. The registers kee saying rewards not met. I tried with the $1/1 Cottenelle or scott wipes manufacture found in the store and the $1/1 cottenelle kmart store coupon. It does not work. I just used the manufacture because it doubled. So $.39 a piece. Just wondering if anyone has stores that their registers dont let you stack a kmart with a manufacture coupon. My store is very coupon friendly though.

    • When I hand the Kmart coupon first, I always am allowed to stack with a manufacturer at my store in UT

      • Leticia

        I was going to ask the same thing. They let me stack but when they scan the Kmart coupon it said reward already scan.. or something of that source.. and i did hand over the Kmart coupon first just to be on the safe side.

  • Heather

    My store has ban det on sale for $2.50. They have $1 peelies on them.
    10*$1.00 cps=$20.00
    =$5.00 get a $5.00 coupon the $5.00 in points didn’t show up but it is still free.

    • Jennifer Mc

      Only four of like coupon will double.

      • Heather

        I did the deal and all 10 doubles.

  • SarahY

    Doubled 10 in MN

    • SCORE! Thanks for the update.

  • maryq28

    the Command coupon says one coupon per day

    • valerie

      I decided to try it anyway with the command hooks and when she scanned the coupons both took immediately with no intervention. Give it a try! But my Kmart didnt give me b1g1 50% off, it had to be manually adjusted once I showed them the ad.

      • Caroyl

        I just left Kmart . Manager and cashier tried 4 times and the command hooks coupons would not double. They did do B1G1 1/2 off.
        8 hooks 2.99 + 1.50 = 4.49 X 4 = $17.96 8-1.00 Q’s
        2 boxes holiday ziplock bags 2/6.00 = $6.00 1-1.00 Q
        FREE Reeses Peanut butter cups $1.00 Kmart Q
        Filler for $25.00 Blowpop .50
        Total $25.42 9Q’s
        $4.96 OOP
        Manager was very nice and tried manually changing prices but OOP never went below $17.00 so after about 30 minutes, I gave up.

        • valerie

          strange. I assumed all Kmarts registers were on the same system. I had a problem on my first transaction like others mentioned where it wasnt taking my SYWR number I really hope they werent doing system changes! I am hoping to go back tomorrow for more hooks at a different Kmart. I love those hooks. Also not sure where your coupon came from, mine were sent in an e-mail from 3M a few weeks back.


    Just thought i would share this with you guys. I went to Kmart on Friday and bought

    (5) Flush-able Moist Wipes, 42 ct, $2.79(4)Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist 3.19(1) Glade Expressions Fragrance refill 2.44Use (5) $ 1/1 inside of the boxes i had previously bought (-10)Use (5) $1/1 any Cottenelle Fresh Care Moist Wipes, exp 12/31/12 (found on shelves in store) (will double – 10)
    payed 9.15
    got $5 Catalina back and i did not buy the holiday ones i bought the pineapple and blue one..
    = 4.15 or .41 each!!

  • Jane

    Doubled 10 in Montana today:) FYI if you do the Wet n wild deal – be sure to buy 11 to get your $5 as 10 x .99c is just shy of $10. Also, I thought I would try the Jergens again today as it was advertised on this weeks ad and I did not use any catalinas, gift cards (only SYW points) and it still didn’t work. Luckily, my store was great and just gave me a $10 gift card, but I won’t try that again – too time consuming:)

    • Wow I am feeling silly now! I will update the post to say 11 for the wet n wild, thanks!

    • Jane

      Also, if you are doing the wet & wild deal…there is also .99c eyeliner and lipliner that you can purchase as well. I have been stocking up on stocking stuffers all week!!

  • kuhler

    Last week our Kmart which we have been going to for a year told us they only take 5 coupons per customer. I tried to tell her they take more coupons but 5 double she would not let us use more then 5. Is there some where with Kmart coupon rules?

    • Waychu

      When I have talked to customer service several times they told me the only limit they have is on how many coupons are doubled, what’s stated on the coupon, and the amount of transactions in a short time span (that just gets your SYWR card frozen). Sounds like they were just trying to be difficult.

  • Angela

    10 coupons doubled in NW Florida today! Did the Jergens/ Ban deal buying 8 ban deodorants @ $2.50 ea. and using 8 -$1 peelies and did not get the catalina or the points :( Customer service was no help either.

  • Lisa

    When I bought 3 Scott products for $5.49 today, I got the $5 coupon AND a $3 CAT :)

    • Jasmine

      I only got a 2.00 coupon :(

    • letty

      may i asked what Scott product did you buy?

      • Lisa

        I bought the paper towels, extra soft 12 pk TP, and the natural wipes.

  • Jasmine

    Did not double in MI. And did not receive a ream of paper. Apparently, they took the sales down because it was incorrect. Yet, it was still in the monthly ad so I don’t know.

    • valerie

      I had the problem with the copy paper, took my reciept to customer service explained it and they gave me the paper.

  • Proudlatina_army-mom

    10 Doubled here for me in Northern Illinois Whoot whoot !! The Multi Grain Pringles are on sale for us at $1.50 using the .75 cent mq exp 10/31/12 (RP 09/09/12) ~ FREE YAY

  • Proudlatina_army-mom

    I also spotted some of the Kleenex Hand Towels 60 ct on Sale for $1.99 used the Kleenex Hand Towels mq

    $0.75/1 11/25/12 SS 09/30/12along with the $1.00 K Mart Q found in KMart Stay Healthy For Your Family Booklet By the Cash Registers making this FREE for me YAY !! LOVE MY K MART !!!

    • Thanks for the tip – I’ll lookout for those!

      • Proudlatina_army-mom

        Thanks Deidre I did go out there today and I guess I just spoke to soon only 5 Q’s doubled today :( ~ I am a little disappointed as I was planning on a bigger save I PRIDE myself Deidre as far as I have come I began this journey as I do not have a job & need to still provide the needs !! I had a huge score else where and have several $5 Kmart Q I’m going to just use as best not to spend a dime more on Kmart !! Just to let you know I think you are the top of the following on my list of sites any one I know is referred to your site you and Jen are awesome !! Coupon Love ?

  • pam

    would anyone know if suave PROfessionals are part of the 3/$5 weekly deal as well as the buy $15 unilever, get $5 cat deal? I know suave men is part of it, not sure on the professionals variety and cannot check my store…they don’t have the tags up for the unilever deal, yet the clear and degree produced cats for me today. if suave professionals is included at 3/$5 for stylers and shampoo/conditioner, would make an awesome deal w/the buy 2 shampoo/conditioner, get 1 styler free q RP 9/30 stacked w/the .50/2 q RP 10/14. Please let us know if anyone does this deal!!! thanks:)

  • Mrs. B

    the manager at kmart told me they do not get reimbursed for q’s from the manufacturer. Anyone know if that is true.

  • Tina M DeVusser

    I bought $16.47 of Scott tp yesterday (along w/some other stuff to hit $25+) but $5 coupon printed. Of course CS tried telling me it was because I used coupons but I know better. Could it be because I used a $5 coupon (from the Glade deal) or, could it be because if the $3.57 in points I used? I didn’t stand around and argue about it this time only because I wasn’t sure if using the points to pay was the culprit or not. I do know it wasn’t because I used Q’s and told them that.
    If anyone knows the answer I’d be oh so grateful because if they owe me the $5 coupon I’ll be over there getting another gc out if them! :-)

    • I use points and CRT’s and catalinas to pay for things all the time and it doesn’t affect whether the CRT prints or not. I don’t know if this one is a catalina and the machine could have been out or if it prints on the CRT tape since I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds like it should have worked for you

      • Tina M DeVusser

        Thank you for the reply! I asked the cashier if his Catalina machine was on because I assumed it was a Catalina and he looked a bit confused (he’s new & his first experience w/coupons was w/me a couple of wks ago, lol!) then said that it had been printing fine earlier that day, but that had to be the first time ever that 1/2 a tree didnt print out! Oh we’ll, I’ll just let it go this time, I was still happy with my $3.55 OOP! 😀

  • valerie

    10 doubling in WI! The command hooks are not coming up b1g1 50% off. Has to be manually corrected. I’m guessing theres no triple points either :( The coupons for the command hooks scanned two with no issues despite what the coupon states.

  • Minions

    Scott deal did not work for me today either. I tried twice, both times I got my other expected catalina and Crts, but NO $5 scott one. CS tried telling me it was because I used coupons, and when I explained I did another deal in the same order with coupons and it printed that one find, they said that was a “glitch”? I just returned everything…

    • Minions

      Also, the register kept having trouble accessing SYWR accounts, it kept saying Service Unavailable, after a few tries it went through, I thought that was the problem but my Unilever CRT printed fine and my Catalina for scott did too…

      • Perhaps it simply isn’t working for anyone, like the Jergens deal. Like Kmart hasn’t programmed it in their own computers.

        • Minions

          IM seeing alot of people on different blogs reporting it didnt work for them, so i think your right, its not programmed. Im going to chat with customer service…

  • Maine Mama

    My store is now only doing five doubles, earlier today(and the last several months) they were doing ten, they must have done some sort of update :-(

    • SHAVON

      Mine too, last week was ten. Today checked out with six $1 coupons and only five double. Was great while it lasted!!!!

  • Melissa

    Question. A couple of days ago I tried to do the P&G deals using the Pantene B1G1 coupons. They absolutely insisted they were supposed to take off $2.50 (verses $4.99), the cost of the half-off item. They refused to budge, even though all over the internet it says they take off the full price. So were they right?

    • Waychu

      It depends on how you had them ring them up. You had to make sure they rang the conditioner or styler first and then the shampoo. So if you didn’t watch or ask them to go through a special way then they are correct. The shampoo is what you pay for so you want the most expensive thing to be what you are getting free.

      • Melissa

        The coupon wouldn’t scan so they had to do it manually. The conditioner WAS first, but they still insisted that only the lowest price could be deducted, despite it being the shampoo. She even said that she could just void them and rescan them to make it the lowest, because they were the same price. She was very, very stubborn about it (this was the manager, by the way.)

  • Michelle

    10 coupons are doubling in Cedar Rapids, IA.

    I did the following deal yesterday:

    (4) Glade
    Holiday Candle $3 ea – $12

    Glade Holiday aerosol – $3

    (4) Glade Oil Diffuser Starter Kits $5.94 – $23.76

    (2) Angel Soft 12 Double Rolls $6.49 – 12.98

    (1) Ream of Georgia-Pacific copy paper ($?)

    (1) Reese 6 pk – $1

    Then I used the following coupons:

    $4.99 Angel Soft in-ad coupon -$2

    Free Reese’s monthly ad coupon -$1

    (4) $1/1 Glade Candle (Recyclebank) doubled
    to -$8

    (1) $0.55/1 Glade spray print 9/23 SS doubled to -$1.10

    (4) Buy 1 candle Get Diffuser free 9/16 SS -$23.76

    (2) Angel Soft printable doubled to -1

    (1) $10 P&G CRT from last week

    Cashier voided the ream of paper, because the price did not
    come off.

    Total: $5.88 + 2.55 tax (I used 2 $5 award cards earned last

    I then noticed that the in-ad coupon for the angel soft only
    came off once, so I went to customer service and they refunded me $2.14 ($2
    coupon + .14 tax). They told me she
    should have scanned it twice to get the register to take it off $2 for each one,
    I didn’t know that, oops! So my total
    should have been $3.88 + 2.41 tax.

    I also didn’t notice until I typed this up that the
    angel soft actually turned out to be $4.49, because it rang up $6.49, but I got
    the $2 off of each one!

    • Michelle

      Oh, I forgot I received the $5 catalina for the Glade holiday deal.

      • Michelle

        Also, before I did my transaction, I had 2 prescriptions transferred. I
        paid $11 cash for one of them and received the $25 gift card. I then
        used it to pay $15 for the second (I was really surprised that I could
        use it to pay for another prescription, but I was not excluded in the
        fine print on the back like it is on the award card.) So I walked away
        from the pharmacy with $35. So after my glade transaction, I did this:
        (2) Halloween costumes $14.99 each – $29.98
        (2) socks from the opened package basket $0.75 each – $1.50
        (1) Candy Corn – $1.50
        (1) Reese’s – $1
        Used free Reese’s coupon -$1
        Total came to $35.29 with tax – used my $35 in gift cards and paid $.29 cash.

        So in reality, I ended up paying $11.29 for 2 Halloween costumes & 2 prescriptions, plus got some candy!!

        Sorry for the multiple posts, it’s late I keep forgetting stuff to add:)

  • Katie

    Has anyone tried doing the 10 bans (with 10 $1/1 peelies) mentioned below? Did the $5 CRT print? No points, I know, but that’s still free if it actually works. I really want to try that tomorrow.

    • pam

      you only need 8 of them to get to $20. I did 8 with peelies, I THINK my cat was trying to print, the machine malfunctioned, tho(who would’ve guessed!) and I got an eaten up cat that may have said $5. customer service gave me $5 cash. I would do the deal if I were you, seems to work if the cat machine is functioning.

  • Tina

    Is the $30 p&g /$10 cat deal over this week? Or when does it end?My kmart is far away and I don’t want to drive all that way if it is over.Thank you :)

    • Krafter902

      Yes, it ended on 10/20.

    • yes it is over – but it likely will start again next week!

  • Elora

    Does diapers count towards your $25


    my local kmart doubles 10 coupons and when I went there today they told me that coupons will not double for paper supply’s like paper towels,toilet & plates, laundry supply’s,cleaning products,only for grocery and beauty. I SHOPPED THERE YESTERDAY AND ALL THOSE COUPONS DOUBLED. IM CONFUSED

    • HelperJen

      They do double. The cashier is misinformed.

  • Gina Goodman

    I just called shop your ways rewards because i didnt receive points i should have plus a $5 coupon for having over $25 and 1 they told me i should have actually received less points and 2 my total OOP has to be $25 to receive my $5 coupon. I am so lost on why this is because i thought it was $25 before taxes and coupons to receive it.

  • Gina Goodman

    Also I have 2 Kmarts near me 1 doubles 5 coupons per day up to a $1 and your order has to be $25 or over and the other is $25 and 5 coupons per transaction

  • Emily

    Scott deal did not print (Bloomingdale, IL) and a spend $20 get 5000 points did not work either (called customer service and they essentially stated that both deals are 100% after manufacture coupons. My pre-manufacturer coupon total was $30. Think I may be done shopping at Kmart.

  • amanda

    I still had some of those cottonelle $1/1 wipes coupons they had in the kmart store and they are also good on the scotts natural wipes

  • amickey

    This weeks ad says snicker bar singles are b3g2 free. Signage in the store said b2g1 free. The register rang them up at full retail, none free. I had bogo coupons that were supposed to be worth .89 max. They came off at .99 and then doubled! HUH? somehow i got 5 snickers for .99 total. Anyone else had a weird experince with snickers?

  • kari

    Ha, ha. I am so bad at this. None of my coupons doubled. They were all out of the free wipes. There was no in store coupon for another free item. I have no idea about the free paper… I just smiled payed my money and walked out. Maybe next time…

  • Amanda

    Only 5 doubles in strafford, pa

    Did Scott deal and ziplock/glade ang got a$2 cat from Scott and. $5 coupon not sure what for but the other $5 didn’t print, they gave me a $5 gc. Also there were Kmart coupons everywhere for Scott tp and angel soft tp

    • Krafter902

      Which Ziploc/Glade items did you purchase and how much? Just curious because if you spend $15 on Holiday items, then you will get $5 CAT.

  • Catherine Deo

    My $5 coupon for doing the holiday glade didn’t print. I bought clearanced winter collection items at $1.50 ( (4) premium room spray and one scented oil candle refill,) $5 scented oil warmer starter kit, and $5 for a 2in1 expressions starter kit. What should I do? And only 5 coupons are doubling in sacramento.

    • Jane

      Typically if you go to customer service they can help you and give u a $5 gift card. I had this happen the other night as well;)

  • Waychu

    I just went to my local Kmart in NH and was saddened to see only 5 doubled today. I was just in there yesterday and 10 doubled. Not sure what has happened over night but it stinks :(

  • Ashley Anderson

    does anyone have a scenario for the scott deal? i have read all the comments on here, still not sure what all the catalina’s are for…thanks!! :) p.s. my stores in Omaha, NE and Council Bluffs, IA are doubling 10 coupons!!

  • valerie

    Only five doubled today in WI :(

  • teenie

    i went tonight and for the huggies wipes deal they wouldn’t let me use a manufacture coupon with there store one and when i tried to buy the two sparkle products i didn’t get the package of paper free. the cashier actually said that it should print a coupon after the transaction but it didn’t so she gave me a gift card for the amount of the paper. not a bad deal for me since i really didn’t need the paper at this time :)

    • teenie

      oh well since i can’t get a printed copy of the monthly ad i printed the one off the website but it’s hard to read what it said. i wasn’t trying to cheat them out of anything. just wish they would have the monthly ads available at my store when i go

  • Jen

    The free paper wyb Sparkle or Angel Soft is incorrect in this post. Look at the fine print on participating products on your weekly ad coupon vs. the monthly ad paper deal. Not the same products!

  • Leigh

    I was unable to use the in-ad K-mart coupons with manufacturer coupons when I tried to buy the Angel soft TP.It says on the in-ad coupon “cannot combine with any other coupon for the same items.” I even handed the k-mart ones over first and then the cashier pointed out what it said on the in-ad coupon. I voided my whole transaction and left, so disappointed!

    • Bummer! That is referring to any other Kmart coupons. Several other stores besides Kmart have that same wording on their own coupons, and allow stacking with manufacturers. Some cashiers seem to make up their own policies at Kmart and it is frustrating.

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