Posted: May 21, 2013

Checkout all the awesome deal I saw at Kmart!

Kmart doubles coupons after reaching a $25.00 minimum in grocery, baby, health and/or beauty items before coupons. Kmart will double five manufacturer coupons up to $1 per transaction. 

View the rest of this week’s Kmart deals here.

Thanks, Lydia & Jen! 

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  • Mel

    The BOGO free razor pack coupon says…”up to 10.50″ will that only take the $10.50 off making both razors cost $2.49?

    • I didn’t know that, I updated the post. There were schick disposables $7.99 BOGO free that should work though, I added them to the post too.

      • Mel

        Awesome. Thanks! :)

  • shannon

    ok so i went today and they said they could not honor the buy one get one because the sale was buy one get one. I ended up pitching a fit because I explained to them that it was the same as if i bought them they would just be getting their money from the manufacturer instead of me. They finally helped but it was still wrong. I talked to the manager and he is going to fix it and he also said that I can use the coupon. Hopefully the next time I wont have a problem. We will see. 25 mins in line while people waited behind me was not fun.

    • Glad they eventually let you get the deal though! Yes I agree, some cashiers don’t know that a coupon is a form of payment and the store gets reimbursed, so it is nice to explain it to them.

      • Sandra

        My Kmart simply won’t allow it. Their view is that you are not buying one in order to meet the qualification to use the manf. coupon. Their stance is that unless you pay for it, you didn’t buy it. It’s a battle I don’t fight anymore.

        • Aline

          It happened the same to me….It’s really a battle. I hope KMart should have a clear coupon policy as Target. Thus, this kind of situation won’t happen again and again.

  • bttrflikiss

    I can take a pick of the womens Schick razors that are B1G1 free, I got 2 super packs yesterday but i gave one to the cashier
    7.49 B1G1 free with coupon I only paid tax

    • Glad you got it! If you want to upload a picture, in the comments area here just click on it and you can upload a picture to your comment.

  • bttrflikiss

    Bonus pack 4+4 x 2 = 16 razors for .86
    7.49 B1G1 free w/ B1G1 free coupon (up to 10.50)

    • Nice! My store didn’t have the bonus packs, that’s a great deal.

  • Heather

    My kmart was the same they wouldn’t let me use the coupon, :(

  • Cmec2004

    Total newbie here. So one a coupon that states B1G1, if the store is having a B1G1 sale, no cash is actually needed to make the transaction?

    • HelperJen

      Just tax on the item if you state has tax.

  • aaron

    so yesterday we went to kmart bought 4 sets of razors one set of 7.49 one set at 8.99 and 2 sets @ 12.99 so 8 total packs, once at the checkout line we put up the razors and the 7.49 razors did not come up as b1g1 so we had to go to customer service after for that then the cashier would only take off the 7.49 razors she took off 4 I argued with them getting a manager and finally they took off 3 of the 8.99 ones because they said that they wouldn’t take off the 12.99 ones I told them that it was 10.50 they would take off so our outcome was 12.50 for 8 packs of razors and over 2 hours dealing with the checkout lady and management and customer service, kmart is so hard to shop at where we live, its like middle school dropouts or something how hard is it to read a coupon, at least they took them at this particular kmart they won’t double any coupons and if it doesnt scan they wont take them every time we go it gets worse then the time before we have couponed since 2003 and know every in and out there is

  • pennymommy

    My kmart sucks too! I to went to get the razors and hand to spend an hour in the store bcause the cahier said I could only use 1bogo coupon when I was buying 4 razors nor did they wamt to give me a rain check. The manager fixed the problem with the bogo coupon and gave me a rain check for as many as I wanted. I still called corporate and complained…every one in the store has a different idea about the coupon policy.

  • M&M

    Pure horror story today at Kmart! I went to get this deal today with the printed coupon and the cashier accused me with coupon fraud! The manager is called over and wants my coupons stating that the coupons I’m holding are fakes ! Really…? So, I’m printing fake coupons from so it seems she said. Next , she shows me a list of coupons on a watch coupon is not on this list but the first four numbers are and appears to be on all my printed coupons from First four digits are..0333 anyway I wasnt sure which way I would be leaving the store in my ride or handcuffs! Wait, here is the best part as I’m gathering my belongings from the shopping cart the cashier asked me if I wanted to buy the razors with cash!!

    • kacir2010

      Wow! Thats terrible! I dont bother at Kmart AT ALL because of things like this, seriously it is not worthmy time and frustration.. its bad enough dealing with Walmart and Target down here.. lol. And by the way, next time you go in there I would point out that ALL coupons from start with that number.. 0333, (at least all the ones I have do).. it means nothing in relation to the coupon being fake… and i would call/email corporate about that one as well, thats a terrible way to treat someone over an assumption that they have no grounds to make..

  • Patty D

    Schick Quattro Titanium Razors, BOGO FREE, $8.49, BOGO FREE – ends 06/01
    Use (2) $2/1 Schick Quattro Titanium Razor or Trimmer, exp. 6/30/13 (SS 05/19/13)
    Final Price= $4.49 or $2.29 each!

    Can I ask why the BOGO coupon isn’t good on these? I am confused

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