Posted: September 1, 2013

Good News:

I am super happy to report the double-dip deal is working!

As you can see below on the reciept, I got the Spend & Get Offer for baby products, $5 in points wyb $35.   I also got the CRT coupon for $10 in points on my next merchandise purchase, for buying 2 big boxes of Huggies.

IMPORTANT: The points showed right up on my receipt (shown above), however when I called SYWR they told me for that offer, the points aren’t actually usable until the next day, and they will expire in 15 days.

Bad News:

On my second transaction (which I will post later today – it was awesome) I tried to use the coupon to get $10 in points from buying Huggies, but I didn’t actually get $10 in points on my receipt.  When I showed the cashier, she gave me the coupon back and told me to call SYWR.  I called SYWR and they gave me $10 in points. Kinda a hassle, but worth it.  She also said the points I got for the Baby deal will not be useable until tomorrow, that is just how that deal is working.

There is a nationwide catalina for buying 2 Huggies, but it isn’t running at Kmart (thanks Mara for letting us know about this)! The catalina machine was on, and printed other offers, but no Huggies catalina printed.  So Kmart isn’t participating in that one.

Dial Bodywash isn’t ringing up BOGO Free, likely because it is ringing up as part of the August ad that ends 09/02 for 2/$7.  My cashier adjusted mine to BOGO free, but you may not have as nice of cashier.  If you do this deal, take the ad with you and show them that is it BOGO free on page 2 of the ad.  Or wait until 09/03 to do this deal.

All the Kmart Double Coupon deals I did can be found in the weekly matchups list.   The  Mott’s deal ends 09/02. The rest of the deals in this transaction go all week.

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  • m.shep

    can you use the new dial coupon $2/2 for this deal?

    • yes but it won’t double

  • Rachel

    Question…I got a CRT for $10 in Points wyb $35 in merchandise and decided to use it when I did the diaper deal instead of using the $5 off q….it didn’t add to my account? will it be there tomorrow? I did ask if it took and the cashier said yes and I took her word for it but it isn’t on my receipt and I have nothing to prove it other than my precious receipt that told the offer numbers???

    • Rachel

      I meant “previous” not precious! lol

    • In my experience, if points don’t show up on my receipt, they never show up later. I always have to call SYWR to get them added.

  • Crystal Johnson

    I did the huggies deals today. I only got the $5 coupon. I called SYR. The supervisor told me you have to purchase $30 in Huggies and Britta combined.

    • I did this deal last week with no problems only buying Huggies. Which ones did you buy? Size 1 are not included and only Big Boxes are included, did you buy 2?

      • Crystal Johnson

        I did three transactions. They had the big boxes on clearance for $22 and next to it was a kmart coupon for $10 off. They were size 3,4, 5, 6. I bought 3 boxes in each transaction. I received the $5 in points for each one. Still a pretty good deal.

        • UPDATE: I found out why you didn’t get them- the ones on clearance are Super Packs, not the $19.95 Big Packs which are the only ones that qualify for the spend $30 get $10 deal.

          • Crystal Johnson

            Okay! Thanks! Mine coupons wouldn’t scan. I bought sizes 3,4,5, and 6. They just overrode it.

        • Did the coupon scan with no problems? The coupon wouldn’t scan for me. Which sizes diapers did you get?

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