Posted: October 29, 2012

Some important tips from my trip today:

  • Kmart award card is only valid 11/01-11/03, usually they are valid for a full week, bummer.
  • My cashier scanned everything and total was $.48 or so below $50 (not including taxes) and hit Total.  Then I added in a candy bar to bring the total over $50 before taxes. Hitting Total again didn’t trigger my $5 Kmart gift card.  She had to void the entire transaction and re-ring it up.   Hitting Total after it was over $50 (not including taxes) did trigger the card the 2nd time.  So if you throw something into your cart to get to over $50, if they’ve already hit Total, they will have to void the transaction and start over to get that $5 Kmart Award card to trigger.
  • The clearance diapers did trigger the $10 P&G CRT to print.   I wasn’t sure if they would or not. Glad they did!
Here’s my receipt – as you can see I got the $5 Kmart Award Card wyb $50 BEFORE any coupons were scanned, as my total was $32 after all coupons:

Before I go into details about my transaction, here’s some clearance diaper deals I found, thanks to reader Megan for the heads up.  These weren’t by the regular diapers section but on a different shelf.

Pampers Swaddlers sizes 2 & 3 big bags (about twice the size of jumbo packs) $13.50, Reg. $20.99!

Dora & Diego 10 Piece Decor in a Box Kits, $7.99, Reg. $19.99, these are $19.99 on Amazon

Wooden Sesame Street Toy Box, $19.99, Reg. $49.99 – These are $48 on, so $19.99 at Kmart is a great deal!

Pampers Easy Ups, size 2T-3T with 60 diapers, $13.50, reg. $20.99.  Don’t forget to use the $2/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants coupon from 10/28 P&G to get these for $11.99.

Pampers Boxes Reg. $29.99, Clearance for $20. Don’t forget to use the $2/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants coupon from 10/28 P&G to get these for $18.

$3/1 Huggies 72-132 Ct. Diapers Coupon – I didn’t see any great deals to pair this with, but if the Kimberly-Clark $10 CRT deal comes back, these would be great to stack with that!

Now there are a lot better deals on my Kmart Double Deals list this week (scroll down to see it) but I love Downy Fabric Softener and wanted to use that $1/1 coupon before it expired 10/31.

You may want to checkout the post I did earlier today for the $19+ moneymaker deal idea.

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  • MomofOne

    I am personally fed up with Kmart. To begin with, I never received the 10,000 points I was supposed to get about a month ago. The customer service line said I would see them in about two weeks. So they are a month overdo. Secondly, I had 5,000 points that I asked the cashier to use towards my purchase on a specific day because they were expiring that day. I asked her twice if they were added and she said yes. Nope, not added so I returned everything and instead of getting back what I spent they gave me back the value of the coupons $4.99! What a mess. This past week I went in to use a $5 CRT. I couldn’t apply it since I had just under $5 in grocery and a pair of shoes (which apparently did not count). So instead of handing me back the CRT the cashier crumpled it up and threw it away. I left everything sitting there and walked out. No more Kmart for me. Sorry to vent, but Kmart is just running itself into the ground…

    • That is awful. I would call corporate and complain

      • Dawn Mccoy

        Deidre, can you offer some of your disgruntled followers a corporate phone number for K-Mart? I know that we have two stores here in Albuquerque, and you have to pick your shopping time, or you will end up with a cashier who refuses to scan coupons, a customer service desk who doesn’t know how coupons work, and a manager who wants to know why you are using the coupons to “make money” off their stores.

        I too, pick and choose my K-Mart trips to work to my advantage, lately it has not been too advantageous!

        • Shea

          I sent an email. It took about a week, but the store manager called. I scored a free $30 gift card for the complaint.

          • Ana

            I’ve been waiting on a call back from a manager for 2 weeks now. This is after I had an employee get in my face and was loud telling me that my attitude stinks because her vision was so bad that she couldn’t read the coupon! I never go loud or said anything disrespectful, simply stated that I disagreed with what she was saying. So, I asked for a manger, doubtful that he was because he continued to let her speak down on me. And did not attempt to correct the situation. So, I’ve now resorted to shopping at a Kmart that is 30 minutes away because it is close to my church. I’m just wondering how Kmart plans to stay in business…..

          • HURRAY! I am glad to see they are working to resolve issues, and a $30 GC is awesome.

  • Krafter902

    Thank you for posting this scenario. I never know how to use those coupon with redeeming your points. I tried it one time and it did not work so I never tried it again. So, I will give the cashier my e-mail coupon after I ask her to redeem my points and then give her my other coupons? Please let me know if this is correct. Thanks again!

    • Rachel

      I gave her my coupon first and then she scanned the rest of my coupons…she said if I tried to redeem my points first it messed everything up and wouldn’t let them do anything else (other coupons I assume) after she was finished I used my SYWR points and everything was just perfect! I paid $24.80 plus tax for over $50 worth got $5 card and $10 CRT! So, got it all for less than $10 bucks!

  • Krafter902

    I forgot to ask if the BOGO 50% off Covergirl promo would effect the $5 Gift Card and e-mail coupon. I am referring to the total purchased of $50.00.

  • manda

    I am SO frustrated with kmart. After complaining to them that I am constantly wasting time standing in customer service line having them fix my receipt I told them of 2 major instances the latest sale the employee rung me up, scanned all my coupons, had me pay and then she handed some my coupons back and said these didn’t go through. so i waited 30 mins just for a manager to come to the front to give me my money back. The other time LAST week the employee told me she would scan my coupons because “they were fake, i photocopied them, and i am stealing” in front of a line of people. they weren’t fake, photocopied or otherwise. I had 2 of the same coupon (the two i printed from one computer) My response from kmart was “i am sorry some of your coupons didn’t work” um they didn’t work because she wouldn’t scan them. and “we have forwarded your concern to the store manager, we are sorry for any inconvience”

    seriously? these are some crazy happenings in their store and this is the customer service they issue? i have some cash from this week left over but after that I AM DONE – its so sad too because i can get some crazy deals. maybe i just need a kmart vacation

    • Yikes! I wonder if we should start a petition for Kmart to train their employees on coupons! My store, it seems all the employees are really great with them. But I get lots of comments here, that other people have a really hard time with their cashiers.

      • Rachel

        I do okay most of the time but from time to time I have problem….I called corporate and complained about a manager a few weeks ago.. they were supposed to get back with me to let me know that the problem was resolved…never heard anything …thinking about calling them back. I think this would be a great idea!! I always write in the comments of the survey that they need to educate their employees!

  • Tj

    Today I received a $1 Kmart catalina for Mighty Dog pet food. Next to the exp. date on the catalina it says “manufacturer coupon”. Can I stack this catalina with a regular Mighty Dog manufacturers coupon? I know this site has the best Kmart experts and hope someone can answer this.

  • Krafter902

    Could someone please tell me if the BOGO 50% on Covergirl has any effect on the total purchase of $50 to get a $5 Gift Card? Thank you!

  • Rachel

    On a lighter note…I did great tonight!!! Got 2 boxes of diapers, 3 Glade warmers, bottle of Pantene, Quattro razors (had a $4 printable and $1 Kmart Q from the booklet we got in the email..they were on sale for $5.99!! = $0.99!!!!),Huggies wipes all for $24.80!! Plus got back $5 card and $10 CRT! So all for less that $10 bucks!

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