Posted: September 9, 2013

Kmart doubles coupons after reaching a $25.00 minimum in grocery, baby, health and/or beauty items before coupons. Kmart will double five manufacturer coupons up to $1 per transaction.  All my scenarios factor in reaching $25 to get those coupons to double, since I rarely do transactions without doublers.

Kmart: Quilted Northern & Charmin Toilet Paper Store Coupon Deals

I went to Kmart today to use up some catalinas and rewards from last week, and I did this as part of a bigger transaction:

As you can see on my stock up coupon price list, that’s a cuckoo deal. I was wondering if the QN 6 double rolls would work for the $5 CRT coupon, because the ad said “selected items” and those weren’t listed in the ad, so I was glad that it worked.

Another deal I found, but they were sold out so I couldn’t do, was their are coupons for $2 off Charmin Basic 6 double rolls tp. Now these are just one ply, but still a cuckoo deal:

Let us know if you find these tearpads.

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  • Sally

    Howdy. Do you know the SQFT on any of these?

    • Elizarae

      You can Google the items or look them up on Amazon to see the sq. ft.

      • Sally

        I’m confused. Since you bought the first bit, why didn’t you simply add the sqft? As that reflects the true savings – where per roll varies.

        Also, I see you counted the 5 CRT in your purchase. Will you later double dip and deduct that $5 from your next purchase, or since you counted it once, are you done?

        I don’t know if you double dip or not, having been reading your blog long enough. But I do see many many couponers double dip their savings.

        Most unfortunate.

        • I don’t double count the savings. What I do is subtract from the transaction where I earned a reward. When I use the reward, I count it as a form of payment and not in my amount saved. As for the sq ft, I have separate stock up prices for 1 ply and 2 ply, since I like 2 ply better and for me it works best calculating price per reg roll. If it is a double roll, I factor that into the price. Anyways, 117 sq ft is the smaller pack I bought and 643 is the larger one.

          • Sally

            Having that stockpile price is what I do as well. Just works for me, that way as well.
            Though for me, I count cold hard cash spent per transaction. If I had to pay $13 oop then I count it as such. This I find works for me. I understand it does not work for you. But again, it’s just nice to see that you are not a double dipper. Always amazes me when I see couponers double dip their savings.

  • TJ

    You could also buy four 6-packs and pay a half cent more per roll. This will get you closer to the $25 mark.

    4 x $4.99 = $19.96
    – $4 tearpad
    – 4 x ($.45 x 2)
    – $5 catalina
    = $6.96 or .145 per reg roll

    • TJ

      btw….do you exclude Kmart coupons when factoring toward the $25 mark?

      • Yes you should exclude Kmart store coupons, like the weekly free item coupons.

  • Lisa

    If i buy 5, will i only need 1 in-store q? and will these q be found at the store?

  • Catherine Deo

    Went and did the quilted northern deal and the cashier told me that I couldn’t use a Kmart store coupon with a manufacturer q since that would be doubling. it was either or and not both. they really don’t know what to say….I just asked if they had more store coupons since the tearpad was empty.

    • The Kmart Store coupons can’t be combined with any other Kmart store coupons, but they scan through just fine with manufacturer & my manager has told me Kmart allows you to stack these coupons, I would try a different cashier.

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