Posted: November 17, 2012

Kmart’s ad doesn’t show $2 coupons doubling – BUT they are on 11/18 only at select locations!  There is no reason to go on another day as the deals aren’t that great, so I based all deals on this list as if you are going on 11/18 and your store is doing super $2 =$4 off doublers.

  • Kmart will double up to $2 manufacturer’s coupons -11/18 only!
  • Limit 5 coupons per day
  • You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons
  • Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item.
  • You must scan your shop your way rewards card to get your coupons doubled
  • You must have a minimum of $25 in groceries and pharmacy items before coupons are scanned in order for them to be doubled.
  • Kmart won’t give you overage.  If you have a $1.94 item and use $1/1 coupon, the coupon will double to take $1.94 off total, not $2 off.
  • Don’t checkout at customer service because they don’t have catalina machines.

Final prices reflect coupons being doubled!

Watch my Kmart coupon training video! if you’re new to Kmart extreme coupon shopping.

Shop Your Way Rewards Card: Must be scanned to get most deals/rewards at Kmart. Every 1,000 points is worth $1.00. These are easy to redeem – when you are checking out just say you’d like to pay with the rewards you have on your card. I just used $12 in rewards the other day!

*****Cuckoo “Stock Up” Prices are in Pink! ****Great prices are in black! If it’s in the ad and I didn’t list it here, I don’t think it’s a great price so don’t buy it unless you can’t wait for it to go on a better sale.

Weekly Deals:

Buy $15 in glade holiday/Ziploc holiday, get $5 Cat –thru December 24
Cuckoo-est Deals
Other Deals

Monthly Deals

Will be posted later.

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  • yasmincanta

    do the store coupons count for the 5 doubled?

    • pam

      no, only manu q’s count. use as many store coupons as the wording on the coupons allow.

  • Anntots

    Hi Deidre!!! I had a problem earlier in my nearby Kmart store because my manufacturer coupons are not doubling. I called the Kmart customer service regarding this matter, and the lady that I spoke to endorsed your website for any updates on coupon policy. I told her that I am following your website. After spending an hour for waiting and waiting for the manager to figure-out why it’s not doubling my coupon, I ended-up purchasing my groceries without double coupons. Should I call the customer service again to let them know what happened! Thanks.

    • Yes you can call, sometimes you get a nice person who sends you a gift card for your trouble. Other times you get a mean person who does nothing.

  • S.Cake

    Has anyone been on you sywr account recently? Looks like they are gearing up for manufacturer coupons loaded to your account. How excited am I !?! I live near St. Louis and I have to clip all of my coupons. It doesn’t look like they have it worked out yet. There aren’t any q’s there to be had. But last week they had alot of store q’s that you could load. Gotta love K-mart!

    • Pam

      i loaded them and they didn’t take off my bill. typical kmart. I am hopeful they will work soon, though. the site mentioned an app, but couldn’t find the link…anyone know where to get it? also, if you’re interested, there were a gazillion different contests to enter for kmart gc’s under “win your way rewards”.

  • Jane

    I went today and even though I got the email, my $2 coupons did not double – that being said, I showed the manager in duty (who knows me well as I shop there a lot) and she did 5 manual overrides for me!!! Then, the glade did not print and neither did the dove-the manager gave me a gift card for the glade, but since the dove is unadvertised she did not.

    • Wow I can’t believe you got the email saying it was $2 doublers and then it didn’t work. Sounds like a great manager though!

  • Robin

    Deidre, I went to Kmart again today to do the B1G1 reading glass deal and the Glade deal, and Shick razor deal. First my glasses did not ring up as B1G1. I figured it was because they were not the same price, so my cashier voided and I went back to get another pair the same price.
    This time it did ring up B1G1 free, but it would not accept my B1G1 store coupon I had. The cashier called the manager over and said the register was recognizing it as the same promotion and I could not use the B1G1 Kmart coupon with my item. I politely told him one was a weekly ad and the other was a monthly coupon deal and it should recognize it. Did you do this deal? Did it work for you? Let me know what I need to do because I went ahead and kept the glasses as they are a present for my sister. Thanks!

    • I haven’t tried the deal but I have used the coupons in that booklet in combo with other sales (not Kmart store coupons) and they worked fine, so I am not sure what to tell you.

      • Robin

        UPDATE: I went back to Kmart and tried the deal again. It worked this time. I think I needed a filler in order for it work.

        • pam

          could you please tell us more about your transaction that worked, including prices? I am very interested in this deal and would appreciate the help. thanks:)

          • Robin

            make sure you purchase two pair the same price and use the Kmart coupon found in the book of coupons $165 in savings at the front of the store, (you might have to ask for one). I actually bought slippers extra as a gift and this time it worked. Got two pair of reading glasses free priced at 12.99.

  • TJ

    I don’t plan on being out and about today unless I can score today’s deals. How do I check to see which Kmarts are participating? The employees at Kmart are clueless so I can’t count on them for the info.

  • Catherine Deo

    I live in sacramento and the $2 coupons doubled.
    Bought the smart sense oil $3.99 (free but only took off $2.99)
    Schick Titanium razor $6.99 ($3 mfr, $3 store)
    2 Pantene $4.99/$2.49 (two $1 mfr, with one $2 store coupon…it took of $4)
    2 Bic Mark it $3.99 ($2 mfr, manually entered…doubled to $3.99, I was only allowed to use 5 manufacture per day so I bought the second bick mark it without a coupon)
    1 simple moisturizer $7.99 ($2 mfr from sample request, $3 store coupon)
    Also used a $5 coupon I received from last time for doing the glade deal.
    Subtotal was $1.45

    • Thank you so much for the update! I was getting discouraged thinking I was the only one who had it work for them. Glad I didn’t spend all that time on the list and not have it work for anyone.

  • Coach Kelly

    Okay, I’m a little perplexed by this deal:

    Buy 2 Dove Men’s + Care Bodywash, 13.5 oz., $5.79 eachUse (2) $2.00 off Dove Men+Care body wash, bar or tool (-8)
    Stack with $1 off Olay Bodywash Kmart Store Coupon (-2)
    Pay= $1.58
    Get: $2 catalina – this isn’t advertised, but it printed for me! pics below.
    Final Price= $.42 moneymaker!

    How do I use an Olay Bodywash coupon on Dove products. Olay is a P&G product and Dove is a Unilever. Is this a typo? Thanks for your help! :)

    • Oh that is a typo – I’ll update it

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