Posted: December 13, 2011

Important update:

I created a full list of verified Double deals over HERE. 30 stock up prices! 8 FREE items & deal scenarios!  Checkout that list to see the deals and shopping scenarios.

Deal I am most excited about: Biore products $1!


*CUCKOO* Kmart is doubling coupons up to $2 on Friday 12/16 2011! $2 coupon = $4 off! I am going tomorrow to checkout prices and make a list of deals. Please help by posting any high-value coupons below that I should see what the in-store prices of the items are while I am there so I can make a list of the hottest deals!!


  1. Limit 5 per customer per day.
  2. $25 minimum in drug & grocery purchase required.
  3. $2 coupon will scan for $4 off for Shop Your Way Rewards members only.
  4. All purchases over $50 will get a FREE $5 Kmart gift card (regional offer).
  5.  The way it has been in the past was $25 BEFORE coupons, and doubling coupons up to and including $2 coupons ($2 double to $4, $1.50 doubles to $3, etc.)
Prescription Transfer Coupon: I forgot to put is in the Kmart Deals List this week, but for every new or transferred prescription to Kmart, get a $10 Kmart gift card (the ad said ask pharmacist for the coupon to scan)

Deals so far (you know I will be adding tons more!!!)

Buy 3 Mars candy bars or candies=$2.97
Use Buy 2, get one free tearpad coupon doubled=minus $1.98
Final Price=3 candy bars for $.99

You can double that $2/1 Tide coupon (I got mine in the mail!)

Use the $1/2 Mountain Dew 20 oz. bottles coupon, I will check price but should be free or close to it

Tampax pearl 18-20 ct tampons 4.79
Use the $2/1 coupon from the P&G home mailer
Final Price=  $.79 each!

$1.50 off any TWO Glade 4-oz. Jar Candles  *I will look for deals on these tomorrow!

$2.00 off Glade PlugIns Scented Oil refills *I will look for deals on these tomorrow!

$1.00 off any TWO (2) Pebbles Treats *I will look for deals on these tomorrow!

$1.50 off 2 Life Savers or Starburst *I will look for deals on these tomorrow!

If you are new to Kmart double events, view  my training video!

Please comment below about coupons I should check the prices on!

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  • Megan

    I’m curious, is EVERY K-Mart doubling? I’ve never done a K-Mart double event before because we JUST got a K-Mart here. Maybe I should call to be safe?

    • deidre

      The cashiers won’t know – they notoriously NEVER know. When I called Sears corporate, the lady wasn’t sure, but she acted like all Kmarts were participating.

      • melissa

        you are SO RIGHT deidre!!! it is sad but true fact that the stores themselves NEVER know if the yare participating!!! blows my mind EVERY TIME!!! =)

      • Bee Tapia

        Do shower gels, shampoo, razors, detergent fall under drug & grocery??

        • Heather

          I wonder if diapers fall under that? The $2/1 Huggies would be great to double!

        • Jen

          I’m confused….. are only the drug and grocery coupons doubling or is the rule that you must purchase at least $25 in drug/grocery, but all coupons will double? I’m wondering about cleaning products etc… Covergirl has a $1 coupon out which I don’t think would be drug/grocery, but if it was just a min. purchase of $25 IN food/drug, then I would assume I could use the make up coupon and it would double. I’ve found at my Kmart, some coupons double (in the past) and some do not; I’m now wondering if that’s why. ???? I’ve always thought my Kmart was just frusterating to deal with.

          • deidre

            kmart posted on their facebook page health and beauty and cleaning will double too!

    • georgia

      You can call but the information can’t be trusted. I’ve had to call the 800 number and make the manager talk to them. Like when the manager told me Kmart doesn’t allow computer printed coupons when it was a coupon printed off of the kmart website itself.

  • Melissa

    Is sears doing it too then??? because I have a sears in town but would have to drive about 30 minutes away for kmart?

    • deidre

      Sears doesn’t have food and grocery and drug store items so I don’t think there would be anything to double. I doubt they are doing it. I just know a rep there, and they own Kmart so that is who I talked to.

  • Becca

    there is a $3/1 ky print… any! … the kraft sites w/ $1/1 nabisco cookies, $1/1 nabisco crackers, $1/1 kraft big slices n $1/1 oscar mayer bacon…. the $2 pampers one….

    • deborah

      How does Kmart double? Do they only double coupons up to $2 like Albertsons or do they put $2 on the coupon like Safeway?

      • deborah

        January All YOU- $2.00 on any bic multi purpose lighter or multi position lighter.

        November All YOU- $2 off any seventh generation laundry product
        $2 off john Frieda foam colour product
        $1.50 off 1 box post marshmallow pebbles

      • deidre

        you may want to watch my training video, they just double $2= $4

  • Melissa

    Does Kmart give overage towards the rest of your purchase???

    • christina

      no they wont do overage.. if youhave a $2/1 q and the item is $3 it will only go tot $3

    • jackie

      My KMART allows me to use overage towards my total,and give cash back, but I heard most dont

      • deidre

        Lucky! Mine doesn’t do overage.

        • Jen

          My Kmart has done overage before on REGULAR coupon weeks, but when it’s DOUBLE coupon week, they will only double or reduce the coupon to match the product price. That’s when they won’t allow overage. I think the TLC “Extreme Couponing” show has ruined a lot of good perks for “regular” couponers. Right before the show, Kmart paid me $14 to walk out of their store with a bunch of products (It’s the only time I’ve ever gotten that lucky!) but since the show, all the rules from both manufactures and stores are soooooo tight it’s nearly impossible to even get anything close to free. :( If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I’m in WI where no one allows double couponing except Kmart on their special weeks.

  • Melissa

    The $2/1 Gillette Fusion coupon should make for free men’s shave gel! :)

  • Kim

    I would think you could get a lot of pet stuff for free. I think they keep that categorized in the drug & grocery stuff (for some reason). Those coupons usually get doubled, so I would think they could double again??

  • Kim

    Oh – you posted a match up of Renuzit Crystal Elements Refill… If the $2 coupon will double to $4, seems like that would be free.

  • Tblais
  • julie

    How about in Florida??? Are they doing it in Florida? Florida seems to never have double coupons :(


      I think I did see where they did double the coupon value, the last time I saw that was for the boardgames.

    • deidre

      yes it is in florida

      • tina

        Louisiana ?

      • Jessica


        • Becky Loe



    – centrum specialist vision $5.00
    – excedrin pm $1.50
    – excedrin extra strength $2.00
    – tucks $3.00

  • Pamela

    Does the limit 5 mean 5 coupons or 5 of the item? if it’s a total of 5 coupons that they will double it doesn’t make sense for me to go – if it is 5 of each coupon I will be there.

    • tiara

      I agree! 5 coupons total would be pointless to make a trip.

    • melissa

      you could always borrow another persons shop your way rewards card (they get points you get the coupo deals =)

  • Val

    Will formula coupons double? $1 off coupon being $2 off?

  • Heather

    I’ve never seen this deal! Is it limit 5 of the same coupon or only 5 coupons doubled? I feel stupid asking but I just wanna be sure.

  • Amy

    No stick spray: $1.99
    1 lb shortening: $1.69
    Canola oil: $2.13
    So, as low as .69/ea

    Crisco coupon $1/2 exp 1/31
    (I don’t remember where this coupon came from. Paper maybe?)

    Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild Rice:
    Coupon $1/2 from a RP or SS insert

    Hungry Jack Easy Mashd: $1.19
    Coupon for $1/2

    Minute Maid 10pk Juice Boxes: $3.79
    Coupon $1/1 – internet printable

    Jason Bodywash
    Printable $2/1
    $4.79 for organic body wash :)

    Aleve 50ct 6.49
    Printable $2/1

    Dove Cream Oil Wash:
    Printable $2/2

    Various Dove Shampoos: $3.50

    Various Glad Food Storage: $2.50

    Items worth $47.63
    Total Cost: $22.63

    Sorry, I’m not as good at keeping track of where my coupons came from as you are! Also, I checked prices online using their website so the in-store deals could be better :)

  • Karin

    so i got 2 coupons of ICBINB butter each worth $1.50 on any 1 ICBINB all purpose sticks so it will double to $3.00 each butter sticks? if is like that wow nice 😀 .

    • deidre

      yes that is how it works! but I don’t know if Kmart caries ICBINB

  • jessica

    You said limit 5 per customer per day… does that mean 5 of the same item per day or 5 coupons per transaction?

    • Chrissy

      I did some research, and this is what I found: (on

      Rules for Kmart Super Double Coupon Events (when they double $2 coupons up to $4!):

      Kmart will double up to $2 manufacturer’s coupons!
      Limit 5 coupons per day
      You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons
      Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item.
      You must scan your shop your way rewards card to get your coupons doubled
      You must have a minimum of $25 in groceries and pharmacy items before coupons are scanned in order for them to be doubled.
      At Kmart, if an item is $3, and you have a $2 off coupon, it will take off $3, not $4. Kmart won’t give you overage.

  • Amy

    The way I’m reading it is 5 coupons per K-mart reward card. So not even per-transaction. It seems they are tracking it through the rewards card. But I could be misunderstanding. I’d prefer it if I was!

  • Chrissy

    I’m confused. The limit of 5 per customer per day, is that per item?

  • Debbie

    If you held on to the $1.25 off of Reynolds Wrap Coupon, they have the 70 square foot on sale for $2.99. Double coupon would make it $.49!

    • Marjie

      Good one! I still have that coupon.

  • carla

    any clorox 2 product $1.50 coupon -$3.00

  • carla

    flintstone $2.00 coupon
    alka plus $2.00 coupon
    theraflu $2.00

  • carla

    burts bees $2.00
    starburst or lifesaver story book $1.50
    neutrogena face makeup #$2.00
    ax $1.00 and $2,00

  • carla

    pillsbury $1.10
    hershy stack with kmart coupon ad, coupon $1.00 kmart ad coupon $2.00

  • carla

    childs advil $1.10 advil pm $1.00
    maxwell coffee $1.00

  • christina

    my kmart knows nothing about it….how do i find out if my store is doing this

    • Kelly

      I agree, I just called my Kmart and talked to the manager, she said she knows nothing about it. She said they dont find out till sometimes the morning of… But she also said she’s been there for over a year and has never seen a dbl cpn this high…

      I am in Mississippi

      • Stormey Billiot

        I am also in mississippi live in baldwyn so will go to corinth ms one know nothing yet?

    • claudia

      so typical of Kmart…cashiers at my Kmart never know when double coupon events happen. I have to show them the paper and let them know it is going on. They are always surprised when the register automatically does the double coupon subtraction! Unreal…do these people really work there?

  • carla

    robitussin $1.25 i printed it
    dimetapp $1.00
    fruitables juice $1.00
    fizz drink $1,00

  • carla

    kmart has it post online what stores ….

    • Kate

      where is it posted on kmarts website what stores it will be going on at???

  • carla

    zegerid $2.00
    dunkin donuts coffee $1.50/2
    one a day $2.00

  • carla

    garnier moisturizer $2.00
    frozen bon appetit $1.50
    nestle chocolate $1.25/3

  • christina

    ive checked the site up and down and cant find anything

  • carla

    folgers 3oz $1.00
    schick have ge $1.00 l or refill or razor $2.00
    bronkaid $2.00

  • Jessica

    Is this deal for the 16-22 or is it only on the 16th???

  • bonnie

    Stupid question, I know, but I’m trying to get more bang for my buck. Does Kmart consider lotion to be a grocery or drug store item?

    • deidre

      yes normally all hygiene type items are included in double coupon events

      • bonnie

        Thanks Deidre. This is my first double coupon event since I started couponing. I appreciate your answer.

  • carla

    sarna anti itch $1.50
    ky $2.00
    ester c any $2.00

  • christina

    could someone please tell me if there is a way to find out exactly which stores are doing this……thanks

    • Malorie
      • deborah

        That list is very difficult to read. It is not alphabetical by state. I could not find my store (Oregon City, Or) on the list, but I called the store and they said that they were indeed participating in the promotion.

        • deidre

          all stores are participating from what I hear

        • Loretta

          PDF’s are difficult to look through. A trick I use is pressing Ctrl + F at the same time. A box will appear on your tool bar and you can type in the word you are looking for on the webpage and it will highlight it for you. Usually arrows will be next to this box so that you can navigate to the next word it found in the document.

      • jd

        yes thank you!!!

  • carla

    finish quantum $1.00
    mid nite $1.00
    gas-x $1.50 and $2.00 on gas x prevention
    excedrin 20 ct $2.00
    miralax $1.00

  • carla

    keri lotion $2.00

  • carla

    palmers cocoa butter $2.00

  • Robert

    Hi Deidre,
    Haven’t seen a definitive answer regarding the limit of 5 coupons. On a normal double coupon event, my Kmart doubles unlimited coupons. You can purchase up to 5 of the same item and use one coupon for each item. I’m assuming this super double event means only 5 coupons per transaction with the $25 minimum purchase. Is this correct? Also, if I go through a second check stand, will my coupons double on that order, or will the system know that I already doubled five coupons previously. Sorry to be so long winded.. always appreciate your expertise!! Happy Holidays to you :)

    • mai

      I’m wondering the same!

    • Kareemah

      According to my mother is is 5 coupons per the entire event. Coupon usage is being tracked with your shop your way rewards card.

  • carla

    he is the list i found for the state with a phone number and address .. im not sure if this is updated or not…

    • Tami

      Thanks!! My store is listed

  • Bee Tapia

    the way i found out is because yesterday i went to purchase an xmas gift and i got an additional receipt stating ALSO DONT MISS OUT ON DOUBLE COUPONS UP TO $2 SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS MEMBERS ONLY $25 MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIREMENT IN DRUG & GROCERY. LIMIT 5 COUPONS PER CUSTOMER PER DAY

    • Melissa

      So pretty sure this means you can only use 5 coupons TOTAL in your transaction…so if you used 5 $2 off coupons you’d still pay $5 at the register since your minimum has to be at least $25. This is kind of lame. :(

      • deedee

        Actually, you could still coupon the remaining $5 away but it would not be doubled coupons.

  • Rena

    My store is going to do it ….Tuscaloosa , Al. I am finding everrybody i can who dont care about any of this stuff to coupon with me…

  • carla

    Huggies $3

  • Eryn


    I think many of us are wondering the same thing (especially since I’m clipping about 300 inserts) if we can get 5 of the same item doubled,or even the same transaction or if it’s only 5 coupons total for the whole day?
    I have to drive an hour to get there so it really has to be worth my while to go, aside from getting the babysitter and of course all the planning.
    Thanks so much for your response!

  • Bethany

    It says limit 5 per day. So does that mean i can only buy 5 items doubling coupons with?

    • Eryn

      Yes, it makes a big difference.I’d really like to know asap as well,so I don’t have to clip as many coupons….

      • deidre

        I think it is only 5 per customer per day, so I am taking in my hubbie when I go to do 2 transactions and I’ll use his card

        • Eryn

          Ok, thanks a bunch, bummer :(

  • Jennifer

    I see that KMART has a $30 rebate form on crayola items on their website, and the Crayola facebook page has been giving away $2 coupons for 4 weeks, however the only one left currently is off a dry-erase product, which is not on the rebate. Anyone know where to find high-value crayola coupons? Would be great to finish up stocking stuffers!

  • Jennifer

    I WAS WRONG, however, on Crayola’s facebook page if you click the back weeks (1-3), there are some coupons still available on glow dome, pop art pixies and story studio– the price, with $4 off glow dome, however, even with doubleing that’s $6 off and the rebate $4, its still $19.99 (from the $29.99 on-line price) too high imo!

  • Emmes

    If there’s a limit of 4 like items .. it makes no sense for this “doubling event” to be a limit of 5 coupons TOTAL for the day. Callining KMart won’t help, as they don’t tell their employees until coupon day. It would be nice to know FOR SURE just what the “limit of 5 coupons” means. Hmmmm.

    • Shelley

      I just called my local Kmart to find out if they were participating in the double coupon event and what the limit of coupons means. I was able to talk to the manager and he was VERY nice and helpful. My Kmart is NOT limiting coupons to 5 coupons per customer. He told me that the limitation goes strictly by what the coupon says, not the store itself. If the coupon says “Limit One Coupon Per Customer,” each customer can only use one coupon for that particular item. If the coupon says “Limit One Coupon Per Item Purchased,” you can buy as many as you want of that item with a matching coupon – no limit.

      I would say definitely call your local store and ask to talk to the manager. My store WAS NOT listed on the participating store sheet and I never would have known they were participating if I hadn’t called. Also, you must be a Shop Your Way Rewards member in order to take advantage of the double coupon event.

      I hope that was helpful to someone. I’m off to get my list and coupons together for Friday!!

  • deedee329

    I’m a little confused about the “rules”. You have to spend at least $25 in order for your coupons to double? For example say I want to buy body wash that costs $5. I have a coupon for $2 off (this would double to $4 off) making the body wash = $1. Can I do this or not?

    • deidre

      no, but have no fear. I am cooking up INSANE scenarios as week speak, to be posted within an hour.

  • Jacqueline

    POST Cereals are 4/$8 with (2) $1/2 q (on sale without q for 4/$10

  • Julie

    here are some qs i thought of..if you can you see how much the Crest Complete Toothpaste, & Scope Dual Blast Rinse, will be after the $2/1 qs? i have a ton of these to use before 12/31. also have $2/1venus disposable razor qs..if you can check on them, $1/1 schick hydro shave gel, theraflu multi symptom cold w green tea or honey&lemon $2/1 prices for these would be great! tyia

  • beth irvin

    Just called my local kmart. The manager informed me that it is a limit of 5 coupons ONLY per card. This is in OHIO.

    • JenniferLynn

      Columbus, Oh? I need to call my store still, but just curious if we have the same store location

  • Kirsten

    Does anyone know there the documentation is that there will be a double coupon on Friday? I saw the store list but I can’t seem to find where it actually says Kmart will be double couponing this Friday.

  • deidre

    Important update:
    I created a full list of verified Double deals over HERE:

    30 stock up prices! 8 FREE items & deal scenarios! Checkout that list to see the deals and shopping scenarios.

    Deal I am most excited about: Biore products $1!

  • Kim Knight

    Don’t forget the extra coupons for free items at Kmarts on line when you buy $25.00. You will be doing that anyway to cash in on the double coupons. Free juice, Hershey kisses, Ocean Spray juice, Ritz Crackers.Just toname a few Every little bit helps. Lots of great items that will match up is on the same page to check out.

  • Chris B

    I called the K-Mart here in Fort Wayne, IN and the lady said they only do double coupons when it’s in the Sunday ad and it’s not in there this week. I guess I’m not shopping at K-Mart this week after all. :(

  • cindy

    Were is the list of stores that are doing this? I called my K mart and was on hold for 10mins. Thanks

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