Posted: January 29, 2013

Check your emails for subject line: “Deidre, you deserve extra savings – earn 15% in Points today.”  It will say your name though, and the % may be a different amount.  It came from:

Unlike other emails, this one is a coupon you have to print out to use and you’ll get 15% in points on your next purchase.  Funny thing is, I was headed to Kmart last night and got tired and decided to go today.  So glad that happened. I can try this coupon out today.  I have a $10 CRT I was planning on using, we’ll see if it lets me use that and this coupon together.

Did you get it?

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  • Alh071

    Mine is only in certain departments :(

  • marjie

    I got an email that said shop your way rewards misses you. My coupon is for $20 off a $50 purchase and doesn’t expire until February 2nd.

    • HelperJen

      Wow! That’s a HIGH VALUE coupon! If you use it let us know what you bought.

      • Especially if you buy $30 worth of P&G and get back $10, combine that with that coupon and buy up to $50 and you are really getting $30 off a $50 purchase + double coupons.

  • Heather

    I got the same email.

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