Posted: July 19, 2017

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It’s Wednesday so that means a SYWR Sweeps today! Head over and play “Wild Wins Wednesday“  This instant win game is YMMV.  I can’t guarantee you will get points, but it’s worth a try!  The more you play sweeps to more you get Doorbusters! You can play this one five times now, too!

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  • lindy

    Fewer and fewer points offered as the weeks roll by.
    No more door busters, 50 point wins becoming the norm
    and more polls and questions to enter games.
    Data mining at its finest. SMH

    • E Smith

      true all i been getting is 50 here and there sucks

  • Lisa

    Same here :(

  • May Thao

    Even though Wild Wednesday only gives 50 to 100 points, I realized on the same day, it offers Wild Wins after it. At least 3 times Wild Wins every Wednesday. If you have the app, it notifies you that a Wild Wins is live. My hubby, daughter, and I have been winning an average of $2-$5 on these Wild Wins every Wednesday. I don’t know how to send a link, but there is the Hard To Find Sweeps by Kmart is awesome. It’s still live and I won $5, daughter won $10, hubby won $8. I would only play the points on the Xtra and win without answering questions on the Featured sweeps. I think it’s better than DB because of these Hard To Locate Sweeps.

    • Coupon Dan

      That is a very good way to look at it!

    • L

      How do I find the Hard to Find Sweeps by Kmart that you are talking about?

      • May Thao

        On the Xtra tab, the code for Hot For July is Hot4Sweeps. If you have the SYW app and allow pop up notifications, the WILD WINS within the hour will pop up. It’s random and I’ve seen it pops up 3x every Wednesday. My daughter just won $3, hubby $0, me $2

  • sandy weinstein

    this gets worse every wk, 50 points is nothing, not worth driving to the store, takes more gas to drive than you win in points. also the past few times when i have used points i still had to pay taxes. i was told taxes were not covered in the points even though i had way more points to cover over 20.00 worth of things. i have called syw abt this b4 and was told the clerk rang it up incorrectly, but they refused to do anything abt it, they told me to drive back to the store, to get my money back, that would cost me more than the taxes. they have the worst customer service both online and in store.

    • Jo Tinker

      I am sorry you had such a frustrating experience all around. I have been getting a lot of 50 points as well…did Wild Wins Wednesday and got it all 5 games and was up to a whopping 25¢…LOL! However, if you take 30ish mins to play all of the sweeps daily and Win It App Spin to Wins, it will add up over time. While most expire within 14 days, you can buy online and pickup in store at a future (more convenient) date, but not let those points expire! I do that sometimes…buy something for $1-$2 with in store pickup, and then when I am over that way during the week, I just pick it up! So, I totally understand, but just keep trying! You never know when your big pay day/win will be!!!

      • sandy weinstein

        i asked abt ordering online and picking up at the store, i was told no, they do not do that. it is very time consuming.

  • May Thao

    Wild Wins are awesome. $3 was at 9am MST, and now live $1 at noon. 1 or 2 more later on the day.

    • Allie’s_Awesome_Deals


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