Posted: December 21, 2011

Lowe’s deals vary by region – call your store first before driving in!

I am posting a Home Depot deal next if you don’t have a Lowe’s :)

Buy Scrubbing Bubbles One Touch Toilet Cleaner Kits $3.98
Use $3/1 Scrubbing Bubbles One Touch Toilet Cleaner Kits Coupon
Final Price= $0.98!

Thanks, BecomeACouponQueen

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  • julissa

    The cashier at Lowe’s did not let me use the coupon because it states it is for the “Starter kits” not the refill kit. :-(

    • Georgia

      The coupon could not be read by the scanner even though I had no problem using the printables before at Walmart so the cashier did not accept it bec. it would not scan :(

  • Kelly

    I did have to get up early to run some errands and was happy to find the green boxes of the Scrubbing Bubbles at the end of the aisle priced at $3.98. Here in Oklahoma City, we have some savy couponers and it is hard to find what you need when they clear the shelves. So I took four, assuming maybe Lowe’s had a limit of four like coupons and leaving plenty for the next. Of course, the cashier rolled her eyes when she saw the coupons. My guess is they are not used to having to “deal” with couponers. She read it carefully and said, “Oh you can’t do this, it says “One per purchase.” ” Restraining myself to argue, I was like “Okay then lets do four separate transactions.” The coupons wouldn’t scan, she had to do an override. Finally after 15 minutes at the register and a huge line behind me, I walked out with my four and pleased over What? – Scrubbing Bubbles!

    So the day went on and I thought about how many coupons I had left. Several actually. Hard to find that deal anywhere, so after my husband and I finished our running about town, I asked him to drop me by Lowe’s just to see if there were any left. When I left Lowes this morning, there was approximately 12-14 left. Now, at 7:30 pm, there was one. I thought, “oh well” and put it in the basket. So we got to the register and I asked the lady attending if the self-checkouts registers would take coupons. She said, “We don’t take coupons here.” So I promptly told her about how they have taken coupons before, so she willingly tried to scan on the self-checkout registers to see if coupons could be taken. Of course, it rings up $9.98. So much for my one product sale high, it went out the window fast! lol… I realized that someone had taken from the $9.98 stock and placed it in the $3.98 boxes to which I never noticed that it didn’t have that silly yellow stripe on the front! I told her… “Well cruddddd…. never mind.” She didn’t understand… I told her I picked up the wrong one. She was confused and by that time, I was ready to just throw in the towel. Lol… That is what I get for getting greedy! The joke is on me! I guess I shouldn’t be disappointed because I got four.

  • Kate

    Just got back from my Lowes Store here in Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida .. Got the scrubbing bubbles toilet bowl set for .98 cents each managed to get 4 of them. Had no problems at all with the coupons or the cashier.!!

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