Posted: January 12, 2013

Starting 1/20 at Rite Aid you can pick up Stride iD Gum for FREE + Make $1 off the deal!  The reason I’m telling you so early is that you need to print off this Buy One Get One FREE Stride iD Gum now.  It’s disappearing quickly and if you need you can look under zip code 97603 or 43420 (category Foods) to find it.  Don’t mistake it for the $1.50 off Stride Multipack Gum.  There are 2 Different Coupons.

To change your zip code click LOCAL at the top of the page, click Change zip code and click Apply.  After that scroll to the top of the page again and click Coupons to get back to all the coupons.  You will need to print 3 of these coupons to get the deal I put together.  You can only print 2 per computer so you may want to have a friend print one off for you if you don’t have another computer.

This coupon does say “redeemable” at Walmart on it, but does not have the Walmart logo.  It is a regular Manufacturer coupon that can be used anywhere.  IF it said, “Redeemable ONLY at Walmart” then you could only use it at that store.

Here’s the deal:

NOTE:  On the ad I can’t tell what the limit is for this deal.  It looks like 4, but I’m not sure so YMMV.

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  • sgtsd

    didn’t found any BOGO q

    • HelperJen

      Did you try the zip codes 97603 or 43420? I’m still seeing them under both zip codes. Make sure to click APPLY after you enter the zip code.

  • Victoria

    i changed the zipcode and still could not find it =(

  • I found it under zip code 63122! I had to register though, it wouldn’t save the zip code if i didn’t. Woohoo!

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