Posted: September 2, 2011

Sam’s Club  has eCoupons! Login and load your Sam’s Club eCoupons to your card!  There are over normally only around $300 in savings, but right now there are $600 in savings just for Labor Day Weekend, including $25 off an iPad2!    Discounts on iPad2’s are rare, well at least I have never seen them yet, so this is a great deal!

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  • Sarah

    Do you have to be a Platinum member to get the coupons? Because we have a business membership, and I can’t seem to access the ecoupons. :(

    • deidre

      The email I got was for all members – I certainty am not a platinum member, just a regular one

      • Jamie Reis

        when you go to sams club and go to the evalues section, on the bottom it says its only for plus members

        • Sarah Forster

          Whoops! That is what I meant. Plus, not platinum.

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