Posted: January 3, 2013


The printable coupon Buy 2 Large DIGIORNO Pizzas, Get 1 Free is BACK!  You can get them for $3.32 at Walmart, but if you have a Target there’s an even better deal the week.  Target will have DiGiorno Pizzas on sale 2/$10 AND you get FREE Frozen Fruit Bars when you buy 2!  That means you get 3 pizza plus Fruit Bars (6ct) for only $10!

Here’s how the deal looks:

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  • I don’t know if any of your readers have a Winn Dixie near by but their deal is even better… they have a sale right now on Diogiorno buy on get one free stack the coupon you get 3 pizza’s for $6

  • Jane

    Safeway also has a sale right now 2/$10 plus when u buy 3 you get a $2 Catalina!

    • VONS/SAFEWAY the registers are taking off $6.99 for the coupon :) (pizzas are only $5)

      • ladybugpam

        is the catalina printing at vons when you use the coupon?

  • Mel

    Get back .50 cents with Ibotta too for Digiorno!

    • Elizarae

      My Ibotta offer is only for the Individual pizza size. I believe there was one for the 12 in pizzas, so be sure to check yours to make sure.

  • carrie

    Stater bros is 3.99 each with a $2 Catalina. Comes out to a $1.99 each

  • tnkaplan

    At food lion they are two for 10 but they mark them to $5 at the register. The scanner took off the regular price of $6.49 and then spit out a catalina for $2 next purchase! Ibotta is $.50 on mine

  • Mudgod

    Minneapolis Lunds stores have Digiorno pizzas at $7.99 with a BOGO sale. But when you get to the registers the price is really only $5.99

    So, buy 6 pizza, use two B2G1 coupons. 6 Digiorno pizzas for a total of $5.99, or $1 each. Digiorno wraps the pizza in strong air-tight plastic, so remove the box to save some space in the freezer 😉

  • Waychu

    My local Target was out of these this morning. But they were really nice and substituted the large pizzas for the pizza and wing combo box. They still let me get the pops too. 6 boxes of pizza/wing combos and 3 boxes of pop. Worked out great :)

    • Goodness my Target had the same issue only they were not nice they were horrible ~ I hate to bash @Target because I absolutely LOVE this store but this particular location needs some serious Customer Service Training as the issue not to substitute the Pizza was not the whole issue as I offered to pay they Specialty price but they did have the bars & they refused but that is not the only issue at hand the biggest was the Front End whomever float whom has a walkies talkie placing the pizzas on the floor as I asked to have one of the pizzas brought to the front as I thought these were the ones on promo & she lied in front of other customers claiming they ran out of Pizzas !!! WOW she said mam this is the day before New Years & NO those PIZZAS ARE NOT THE ONES IN THE AD LOUD SO NO YOU CAN’T GET THE BARS EITHER (WITH AN ATTITUDE) WOW !! STRUCK A NERVE I AM A VERY COURTEOUS LADY I DO COUPON & YES I CAN BE CONSISTENT AT IT BUT THIS IS DISRESPECT & LAST TIME I CHECKED AS MY DAUGHTER WORKS FOR A LOWER RETAIL COMPANY OUT HERE WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS & AS LONG AS WE ARE CIVIL WE DESERVE DECENT CUSTOMER SERVICE & YES I ASKED HER NAME AND WHO SHE ANSWERED TO & SHE COULD PICK THOSE PIZZAS OFF THE FLOOR AS I NOR ANY OTHER CUSTOMER DESERVES TO HAVE THEIR FOOD PLACED ON THE FLOOR AS THERE WERE SO MANY CARTS !!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!

  • Brooke

    I went to my target in Uniontown, PA yesterday for this deal. The cashier used my coupon and it deductied $7.01 instead of $5.00. So I bought 3 pizzas and a box of fruit bars for about $8.

    • Jackie B

      Same thing happened at my local Target!

  • Brooke

    Can you use two coupons and get 6 pizzas (2 free) and 3 free fruit bars?

    • HelperJen

      Sure! I don’t see a limit unless they have one in the store.

      • Brooke

        I bought six pizzas and three boxes of fruit bars and used two B2G1 free coupons. The coupons took of $7.01 each, so I paid $15.98 for all nine items or $1.78 each! Also, someone else mentioned taking the pizzas out of the boxes for storage and I was able to fit them all in the freezer that way. Thanks!

  • shauna

    The digiorno b2g1 has reset for me this morning.I did it home and at work.Also the purex crystals b1g1 coupon is now $1.50 off so print that to go with it.

  • ashley

    my b2b1 coupon took off the full value ($7.01) so $8 for all four items or $2 each!!!!

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