Posted: February 23, 2014



Today’s been a super cuckoo day for Target deals! Here’s a roundup of 7 new deals I haven’t posted + some other ones from earlier today, all on one list to make it easier to see them all: 

New Deals
Previously Posted

Thanks & photo credits totally target!

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  • Kim S.

    Kraft recipe makers are at my local Dollar Tree store. Verde Chicken Enchilada and fish tacos. Check your stores. the Verde is very good. I purchased 1 to try it then went back and stocked up.

  • Betsy

    Went to Target today and could not use any coupons on the Kraft Recipe Starter BOGO. BOGO is considered a coupon. Also tried to get the Betty Crocker cookie mixes and could not use coupons either. would also not take off cartwheel offers. Would have been $16 for all I had. Went to do 10 items and get gift card. Went to another store and used Target coupons as competitor coupons and used double on Manu coupons. Will probably not go back to Target to shop as deals don’t work with coupon or cartwheels.

  • Jennifer

    BOGO is definitely not a coupon, it’s a sale/ad deal. Seems like the cashier told you wrong.

  • Jamie

    Who ooooooo good score today at target. Usually they are the worst about having things in stock!

  • Tasha Taylor

    Is anyone else having issues using this site with their phones? Every time I scroll, if I stop to read something it kicks me back up to the top. Is that a problem for everyone/every device or will I have better luck using something else? Thanks:)

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