Posted: April 17, 2017

target price match deals

No time to run to 10 different stores? Price match the deals at Target! Target accepts manufacturer coupons after the price match is made. *Target store coupons will be applied before the price match is made.

You can’t price-match items which include “rewards”: i.e., you can’t price match RR’s, +UPs, gift card promos, etc… So I decided to take the best deals each week that you can price match at Target and compile them all into one convenient printable shopping list!

View Target’s Price Matching policy

Target only price matches printed ads, not clearance deals. All the following deals are located in printed ads, make sure to only price match to stores which are close enough to your Target to be considered competitors. I put nationwide stores below, don’t forget to scroll over Find My Store on my main menu bar to find more local stores in your area to see their deals that can be price matched.

Rite Aid

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