Posted: December 11, 2013

Bergamo Olympia Changing Table - Dark Pine

UPDATE:  Some of the crazy deals at Toys R Us are back!  Some are even lower, too!  Make sure you try to get it shipped to your store and avoid the high shipping charges!

UPDATE #2:  

From Reader Kelly, “I just bought 3 Twin size beds and a dresser all for under $100 total with free ship to store in Phoenix, AZ” – Thanks Kelly!

From Reader Melissa, “I was able to buy a $499.00 crib for $75.00 and a $599.00 matching dresser for $95.00 at babies r us!!!” Thanks Melissa!

From Reader Jenny, “I got one for $43 originally $399.00. I’ve got to go 35 miles to pick it up but its still worth it. I’ve got a baby on the way and we needed a dresser!”Thanks Jenny!

From Reader Jessie, “I was able to purchase a baby Italia Harrington crib and matching dresser for $170 free ship to store.” – Thanks Jessie!

From Reader Tess, “LittleMissMatched Confetti Lifetime Crib $43 free shipping to store & is still available as of 10:52 am” Thanks Tess!

Bergamo Olympia Changing Table – Dark Pine, $40 (Reg. 399) I am finding this available at several zip codes, too.

Carter's Casual Convertible Crib - White

Reader Tori pick up the Carter’s Casual Convertible Crib – White for only $30 (reg. $299.99) at her local store in NH! – Thanks Tori!

There are SO many deals – too many to list!

I also saw bunch of other crazy deals! Some are in store, but some you can have them shipped to you! Scroll through this page because there are too many to list.

Ebates pays 2% Cash Back at Toys R Us!

I’ll highlight a few here:


night stand

Delta Disney Princess Night Stand, $15.99 (Reg. $99.99) Free Ship to store

Disney Pixar’s Cars Night Stand$15.99 (Reg. $99.99) Free Ship to store  This is selling for $67.99 at Kmart.

Smart Baby by LittleMissMatched Confetti Night Stand – White, $15 (reg. $149.99), sold in stores (call ahead)



Solutions by Kids R Us Twin Headboard – White, $21.98 (reg. $129.99) Ship to store, call ahead!  Reader Jamie was able to get this shipped to her store!!

Solutions by Kids R Us Night Stand

Solutions by Kids R Us Night Stand, $18.98 (reg. $99) Ships to store, I’m finding this available in several zip codes

Bergamo Americana Combo Dresser

Bergamo Americana Combo Dresser, $20 (reg. $219) Selling for $112 at

If you find any great ones leave it in the comments for others!

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  • Amanda Williber

    Toddler beds are sold out in Texas. Dallas stores have some but none in Houston

    • Ms. Jay

      How do you check if a store has the item? Is it possible to do from the site? Do you call the store with the sku #? Please help. Thanks in advance

      • HelperJen

        Just call the store and tell them what the item is called and they should be able to look.

        • Ms. Jay


  • Lisa ‘Hill’ Crescenzo

    Can I get these items at babies r us?

  • Ms. Jay

    Is anyone else having trouble adding items to their cart?

    • HelperJen

      See if you can pick it up a the store. Not all are available to ship to your home.

      • Ms. Jay

        I select the option for store pick -up then add to cart. It’s just not working for me right now. I will try calling the store. Thanks for all your help

    • Nicole

      Yes. It says ship to store but when I click on item it doesn’t offer that. When I search zip it says no one has it.

  • Heather

    Order was just cancelled. Went back to try to reorder the black lightning mcqueen bed and priced jumped back to $269. Just a heads up. :( I NEEDED these beds.

    • kitty

      i had the dresser in my cart and when i did ship to store it let me but now its reg price

  • Crystal

    Prices were just changed, these items are no longer available for the prices listed. :(

  • Nicole

    I am not seeing the sale prices on the website anymore

  • brianna

    It is either showing regular price or changing the price when added to card. :( guess they fixed it.

  • Lisa

    Looks like there may have been an error and now they have removed all of these sales??

  • Jenn

    i tried all the things 1 not on sale or 2 even if it says available for ship to store it doesn’t let me pick a store

  • Brittany

    Wondering if this is the same kind of pricing ‘error’ Walmart had a few weeks back…. They are full price for me:(

  • Marti

    The deals are ‘live’ again now.

    • HelperJen

      Thanks! I’ll update the post.

      • Tim Correa

        Still can’t do the ship to store feature :(

  • Kelly

    I just bought 3 Twin size beds and a dresser all for under $100 total with free ship to store in Phoenix, AZ

    • HelperJen

      I just added that to the post! Thanks!!!

  • rachel

    This is available all over the west! Just got it sent to 84058 store…also available in CA

  • rosy

    I’ve lucked out on all the deals no items found to ship to store. I sure could use the dressers.

  • Laura

    Kelly quick question what were the names of the beds that you were able to get?

  • Rhonda

    I got 2 dressers for the kiddies in Baltimore but had to pay for shipping which was a lot! I went thru so I hope they reinburst me

  • Jacqueline Christine Garrett

    not a glitch talked to store manager they do this every year to clear out things from their stock for the new year, i for one will be checking every day next december, lol

  • Rose

    Too bad for me. All out of stuff in the San Gabriel Valley, California.

  • J
  • Janet

    So if i call my store and go down my list they should be able to tell me what is available, because it seems like nothing is alvailable

    • HelperJen

      It’s worth a try. A lot of readers have been finding them.

      • Janet

        Thanks, i just wanted to know it was possible :)

  • kitty

    i was able to call babys r us and the items i saw online where not available at the warehouse that ships to my local store. I asked if they could do a search for a cherry dresser that i coud do free shipping, she was nice enough and went one by one and we found one for $90 – reg $629.99 that could do free shipping. try calling them and maybe you will have better luck that way! I did!!!!!!!$100 for a $600+ dresser….cant beat that

    • HelperJen

      Thanks for letting us know! Awesome!

  • subjective_child

    Didn’t get one this time. I’ll check back tomorrow.

  • Erika washington

    I call customer service /escalation dept and all items are sold out. The man told me the website didn’t update like it needed to. Everything I saw show ship to store bt couldn’t be order . Very disappointed since I saw on line with him the price went bk to 199.99 for the crib.

  • Zena Marzan

    Update as of 8 am nyc time toddlers beds are on sale.. Just grabbed two for $30.. And they are shipping to home. Ty for this website ..I am cookoo for it!

  • Rhonda

    I ordered a dresser and some other things but after I did and saw I was paying more for shipping $170! I cancelled my order. Today when I got my cancelled email it only showed the dresser was cancelled so I called tru n they said it was cancelled due to a glitch in price n most likely my other items will b too. I’m hoping not but I’ll update everyone

  • Marquez

    In Merced Ca. the prices you all mention are nowhere near that lol. Its only like $10 knocked off the original price. Im def not a believer in those prices,,,,id have to see it

    • HelperJen

      I added one that is still available with the price marked down (headboard) for you. Not all are available anymore. This deal has been going on for a few days and items are selling out.

  • Marquez

    Solutions by Kids R Us Night Stand – Natural

    By: Solutions by Kids ‘R’ Us

    Read Product Description

    More Images

    Add my images & videos

    Read Product Description

    Zoom|See Larger image


    See Special Offers

    • Marquez

      This is NOT $18.88

      • HelperJen

        The price went up. I’ll update the post.

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