Posted: June 25, 2012

UPDATE: Other blogs are posting a link to print this coupon.  It has a DIFFERENT barcode # then the one I got and is meant for the person it was emailed to, it might even be tied to their rewards r us card.  It is just like photocopying a coupon to print it, it is NOT legit.  You must print the one from your own email to get  a legit one.  Just FYI they are saying it is okay, but it really isn’t!  Lets be ethical couponers.

Check your emails!  I am signed up for emails from Toys R Us and I just got one- sent June 23rd, with the subject line: “Free Chuggington Wooden Engine, No Purchase Necessary! Plus, 35% Off ALL Chuggington Toys!” check your spam folder for an email from too!    It says  “while supplies last” so hopefully they have a lot of them!

There is a coupon inside for a completely FREE Chuggington Wooden Engine!  The coupon is one-time use and has a unique barcode which you can not share with anyone.  Reader Amber forwarded her coupon to me, and unfortunately I looked at the barcode and it is different then the one I got in my email, meaning each email has a unique barcode and you can’t use someone else’s.   So just check your emails to see if you got this great coupon!  If not, make sure you are signed up for emails from Toys R Us as they email great coupons all the time.

If you head in to Toys R Us, be sure to take these coupons to lookout for some great toy deals:

Thanks, Amber!

Comment below: Did you get this coupon?

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