Posted: January 20, 2013


Check out this HOT deal at Walgreens on Nature Valley Granola Bars that Reader Jamie found!  They are on sale 2/$4 this week and when you buy 4, you’ll earn 1,000 Balance Rewards Points.  It gets better…when you buy 5 or more boxes, you’ll receive a $3.00 RR AND a $3.00 Catalina!  Here are the details of the Catalina:
Buy 3 boxes, receive $1.00 Catalina
Buy 4 boxes, receive $2.00 Catalina  
Buy 5 boxes or more, receive $3.00 Catalina
It seems that the Walgreens machines are printing TWO of each kind of catalina–one in the form of a RR and one normal Catalina.

Here’s the best deal:

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  • Christine

    Can we use the regular catalinas in other stores besides Walgreens?Thanks for the heads up on this deal! :)

    • Elizarae

      I have heard that some stores accept catalinas from Walgreens. You would have to call the store and find out.

    • Nicole

      catalinas/register rewards are only to be used at walgreens. it says its a manufacturer coupon but its actually only meant to be used at walgreens. if another store accepts it that store does not get reimbursed from the manufacturer.

  • may

    what is “catalinas” ??

  • Guest

    Can I use a previous register reward to pay for this purchase?

    • Elizarae

      If you use the $1/3 and the $0.50/2 coupon, you will need to purchase a “filler” item to attach the RR to. You can use as many manufacturer coupons as you have items.

  • katherine

    oh maybe i’m slow, but i don’t see how you’d pay 8.50. $2 a box x5= $10. minus (2) .50/2= 9.

    • Elizarae

      The very first coupon listed is $1/3, so use that and (1) $0.50/2: $10 – $1 – $0.50 = $8.50

      • Newbiecouponlady

        Ok, so I’m a beginner at this. So I spend $8.50 on 5 boxes of granola bars. That doesn’t sound like an extremely good deal. Am I doing it just to get the catalina coupons?

        • Yes. You can use those on your next deal. Say you want to use your catalinas, you can scan through my list of deals each week and use your catalinas to lower your OOP (out of pocket) expense on the next deal you do. Many people are trying to roll their catalinas from one deal to the next (which produces another, different catalina) and so their OOP is less. You do need to have fillers to do that and here’s more info on Walgreens if you’re new:

        • Elizarae

          You pay $8.50 for 5 boxes, then you get 1,000 points (which is like $1.00-$1.25 when redeemed) AND you get $6 in catalinas and RRs, so it’s like getting $7+ dollars back = only $1.50 for 5 boxes…a Cuckoo deal! Hope that helps!

  • guest

    I bought 5 boxes, but I only got a $2RR, a $2 Catalina and 1000 points. When I got home I looked at the receipt and noticed the cashier forgot to ring up the 5th box. lol I used a $1/3 and a .50/1 coupon and paid $6.50 oop. Like paying .30 cents per box for my 5 boxes. : )

  • remfan80

    I did this deal, and everything worked, but I wanted to use my Catalina on my next transaction, and the cashier wouldn’t let me because it said “on your next visit”. It’s this common?

    • If you used it on your next transaction to buy more nature valley bars, another catalina wouldn’t have printed. At Walgreens, you can’t use your catalina to buy the same thing that triggered it to print, or another one won’t print. Only Kmart lets you do that. Otherwise, if you were buying something else, normally cashiers would let you use it right then.

      • remfan80

        That’s what I thought. I feel like I always get cashiers that don’t understand the coupon policies very well at Walgreens.

  • Laujcm

    I got the $3 register reward but did not get the $3 Catalina even though I brought 5 boxes. I wonder if this is a regional deal.

    • Elizarae

      It very well could be. I know it is still valid as I tried the deal myself today and bought a few different varieties. Did you wait until all the coupons printed from the machine? Also, the catalina looks a little different than the RR (see the picture). Just want to make sure you didn’t miss it!

      • Laujcm

        I did wait because from the picture I saw two rewards, but when I went to my local Walgreens today I got the register reward only. I looked at the Catalina machine when it was printing. I’m debating if I should return the products back.

  • How can I find out what RR or Catalinas print out?

    • Elizarae

      The catalina and RR in the photo will print out for this deal.

    • Look for signs in store for RR’s, and in the weekly ad. For catalinas, check, although they do not list all of their catalinas.

  • Philip

    Is this deal still good? How would I know if the RR and Catalina will still print?

    • Elizarae

      The RR and catalina deals are unadvertised so I’m not sure for the valid through dates on those. The points part of the deal is no longer good.

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