Posted: December 31, 2012

Wow!  Do you see that picture above?  You might be able to find this at your Walgreen’s!  You can get Fit Smart Simply Slim with a $10 Peelie Coupon on it!  If you find this then you can pick it up FREE + $10 Money Maker!

Here’s the deal:

Thanks for the pic & deal Cajun Couponer!

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  • Laura

    I scored this deal last night at my walgreens! So pumped!

    • nana7979

      Iwent to walgreens and the coupons had been removed !
      What state are you in?

      • Nicole Hetzer Hartley

        My Walgreens removed them all too!

        • Missy

          What do you mean “your Walgreens removed them”? If they did in fact removed them, WHAT RIGHT DO THEY HAVE TO DO THIS??? They’ll get their money back, for both the cpn (peelie) and the RR. Drives me crazy with people remove the tags to be GREEDY, but it really burns me up when the stores remove the coupons (unless they are expired). UGH!!!!!!!!!

          • KenniL

            My cashier saw I was doing this deal and went over and took the rest of the coupons for herself… smh

      • Laura


  • Joe Gutierrez

    Lol I shared this 2 days ago on the match ups before the sale started. Scouted the store like usual and came across them! Even posted up the pic of the peelie! I scored big time!!! Got all this from the CVS deals and Walgreens for less than $35 plus I have $70 plus in Register Rewards!!! Whoo Hooo!!!

    • Heather

      What was the deal on the Axe? My husband loves that stuff.

      • Joe Gutierrez

        Walgreens had the gift sets half off for $4.99 so with my $3.75/1 Axe gift set I paid only $1.24!!! The individual Axe was on sale for $3.99 each but I don’t know if was an unadvertised deal but its also a BOGO 50% off!!! So $3.99 + $1.99 – (2) $2/1 Axe body wash = $1.98 for 2!!!

    • valerie

      That is awesome!

      • Joe Gutierrez

        Thank you! I was very excited!!! I owe the match ups to cuckoo and time2save for all their hard work with posting the awesome scenarios which I definitely use weekly as a template and just add my own wants and needs and adjust accordingly!!! Not bad for just starting out with coupons about two months ago!!!

    • Flyegirl

      Great Job!!!!!! Would love to get the heads up next time. I missed this deal wld you be so kind as to shoot me an email when you hear of the next one. Also what product are the $3 RR from?

      • Joe Gutierrez

        Of Course! Lol like I said I tried to help out this time but guess no one saw my post exept the mod ha approved my comment because it had a photo of them included!

        The $3 came from the Redline energy shot. My first few transactions went like this:

        Tran 1
        Buy FitSmart $10 – $10 q = $0.70 (my tax)

        Tran 2
        Buy Brain Strong $10 – $4 q = $6
        Buy Redline Energy shot $2.99
        Buy Dr Pepper 2ltr $1
        Buy Laffy Taffy (filler) $0.12
        ttl = $10.11 + $0.91 tax = $11.02
        Use $10RR from 1st tran paid $1.02 oop
        Got $10RR from Brain Strong and $3RR from Redline

        Paid a total of $1.72 for all this plus got $13RR back!!!
        Did these 2 transactions a few times then got what I needed after that!

        • HelperJen

          I’m sorry Joe, we didn’t see it. You can always send us a direct email so we can be sure to give you credit. Our emails are listed on the right side bar under “Find a Hot Deal” in yellow.

          • Joe Gutierrez

            Ok no problem! I honestly didn’t know a way to contact but now that I do I will be sure to whenever I find something! I do love the site and it is one of my lifelines! Thanks for all you guys do!!!

  • Thanks so much for this!!! I scored this deal this morning at my Walgreens! Wootwoot!!! Only one left!!! Going to try another Walgreens for another $10 money maker!

    • Amanda Burkhart

      I will see and check tonight or tomorrow for this and with the Pampers on sale for $10, if they have any in my local Walgreens, I will use the RR for the Pampers and get them for free!!! Thanks for all the info

  • Amy

    So upset,went to 3 different Walgreens and ALL the peelies had been removed on the boxes!!!!

  • Flyegirl

    I also am very upset, I went to 6 different Walgreens and ALL the peelies had been removed from the boxes. It saddens me that some selfish person took all the peelies and left to product to either sale the RR on ebay (which I have seen) or out of greed……

  • Andy H

    Walgreen’s in my area had some. My question is can I go back on another trip and get the 10 reward again?

    • Joe Gutierrez


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