Posted: May 15, 2012

UPDATE: These may not be marked at your store, but try scanning them anyways to see what they ring up as!   Jen says hers weren’t marked as clearance, but rang up as $3.13 and BOGO 50% off too!

Right now at Wags – 05/19:

Great news! Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreens are ringing up as $3.19 instead of $3.99 as shown on their clearance tags, plus they are BOGO 50% off!   Clearance deals vary, so YMMV.  If yours are on clearance, do this deal:

If your Wags does overage or adjusts coupons down:

Buy 2 Hawaiin Tropic Sunscreens 1 at $3.19 & 1 $1.59 = $4.78
Use the $2/2 Walgreens Coupon- Walgreens Skin Care Guide booklet
Use 2 $2/1 Hawaiian Tropic Manufacturer’s coupons from the 4/22 SmartSource insert
OR use  $1/1 printable coupon
Final Price= FREE + $1.22 overage for every 2 you buy 

If your Wags doesn’t do overage OR won’t adjust coupons down:

Buy 2 Hawaiin Tropic Sunscreens 1 at $3.19 & 1 $1.59 = $4.78
Use the $2/2 Walgreens Coupon- Walgreens Skin Care Guide booklet
Use 2  $1/1 printable coupon
Final Price= $.78 or $.39 each!

Aquafresh Toothpaste, 6.4 oz Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste, 4.6 oz $0.99 (through 5/19)
Use $1/1 – Aquafresh Fresh and Fruity Toothpaste
Or use $1/1 – Aquafresh Extreme Clean  if included in sale price
Or use $1/1 Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste from May Issue All You Magazine (exp 6/30)
Final Price: Free

Use one $1/1 Reach Floss manufacturer coupon, 3/4 RP newspaper insert (regional)
Final Price: FREE!

Thanks, Couponaholic & one frugal chick for the Hawaiian Tropic picture above!

Starting June 3rd at Wags:

Glade Sense & Spray for $7.99
Get a $2 RR
Use $3 Glade Sense & Spray printable coupon
Final Price = $2.99

Thanks,  Couponing for 4 

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  • Sarah Elyce

    Where do we find those booklets? Thanks!

    • Meagan Wolpert

      What is the code for the Hawaiian one? My Walgreens will just punch it in.

      • The coupons are all Walgreens coupons but they don’t have a 4 digit code, instead they have just the one barcode.

    • kim

      When you walk into your local Walgreens, they usually have the coupon booklets for each month next to their weekly fliers. If they arent there, ask an employee and they will gladly grab you one from behind a register. 

  • Where do you get the Walgreen’s skincare guide booklet from?

    • Ususally at the Cosmetic counter, they arrived at most stores just this week so ask for it!

  • carla

    Walgreens Skin Care Guide booklet ,where do u find them at plzz

  • carla

    has these great Walgreens coupons inside that Expire 8/10/12! Look for this possibly back near the Pharmacy

  • carla

    my walgreens did’nt know what i was talking about …i called the 1-800 and they told me 2 call my local walgreens

  • carla

    they keep coupon book where the makeup is , my walgreens just called me back and they are putting them out now …

    • Sweet! Now hope that your Hawaiian tropic is on clearance…

  • Sandy O

    THX!!!! Got 10 bottles for 3.45. I am a marching band mom so these will come in handy!!!!

    • Meagan Wolpert

      Were they marked at your store Sandy?

      • Sandy O

        They were marked 6.19 on a clearance endcap but price checked as 3.19!!!!

  • Jen Ewing

    These weren’t marked clearance at my walgreens but they were still ringing up for 3.19 and the bogo. Even ones that had little trial bottles attached to them so make sure you check the price!

    • Thanks for the update! Yes always scan the items just in case!

  • carla

    my store just got them in today .. they were at the makeup counter ..

  • Jennifer

    I scored 6 of these today.  Booklet is in cosmetics dept.  So AWSOME!  I think I got each one for a quarter and they normally sell for over $13.  Saved $75.

  • Hobbstrio

    I couldn’t find these bottles were they with the regular sunscreen? They weren’t in the clearance section fir me. Thx :)

  • Jaime

    I’m going to look for these at my Walgreen’s tomorrow. Have my coupons printed out-wish me luck!

  • me

    My walgreens didn’t have the beauty book and I asked an employee.

  • carla

    i got my coupon book today and its $2/2

    • carla

      and the cheapest they had was$8.99

  • Sonias1974

    I ran out to Walgreens hoping to score but no luck all the hawaiin tropic and other sunscreen care were priced over $10

  • My were not marked either but when scanned they rang up $2.99 at one store and $3.19 at another. None were marked clearance. They were located where the rest of the sunscreen is and were marked between $10-$11. Im in Houston TX. Also, I had all of the Hawaiian Tropic items scanned and the only one that rang up like this was the Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Creme Lotion in the 6 oz size.

  • Guest

    they rang up 10.99 and 9.99 at my WG store..bummer

  • Kristenkish

    My wags in phx told me I couldn’t use the one in the booklet with the other ones because it was a manufacturer coupon too.

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