Posted: February 8, 2013

Headed to Walgreens? Well, plan ahead because when you checkout, you’ll likely receive a catalina for $5 off a purchase of $20 or more (like the one in the photo above that Reader Nikki sent us!)—valid on anything in the store! Since it is a store coupon, it can be stacked with manufacturer coupons! Your total must be $20 after all Walgreens discounts and coupons, meaning any sale discounts or Walgreens IVCs. The catalina will be valid the day it prints and the following day only. Here are some deal ideas:

Thanks for the heads up about the Catalina and the photo, Reader Nikki!

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  • Jane

    I have tried 3 different transactions and no coupon:( Anyone know the secret to getting that to print???

    • Elizarae

      It is possible that it could be regional.

      • laurad143

        For those that it printed for, what region are you in? Thanks :)

        • karen

          Central New York

  • Nicole

    I got one today!

    • Paul2812

      How much do you pay?

  • cheri

    When does this end?

    • Elizarae

      It is unadvertised so it could end at anytime.

  • cici

    Any idea how much we have to spend to receive the catalina?

    • Suzette Du Plessis

      I got 3 of them in total lol.
      Not sure how much you need to spend though

  • Nichole Banasiewicz

    I went yesterday and I was told that in order to use the $5 catalina I had to spend $20 AFTER all of my coupons… It totally bummed me out especially since I didnt plan on spending anywhere NEAR that amount…

    • SKLV

      Not true. I used mine yesterday and just barely hit the $20 mark (my total was around $20.20 or something like that), then used the $5/$20 then all the rest of my coupons and points for a grand total of $0. The secret is to hand them the $5/$20 FIRST then all the rest of your coupons.

      Example: Total = $20.01 – $5/$20 – $15 MQ = 1 cent out of pocket plus tax…


  • Drunknfly

    I got mine today in south Texas but it states valid Feb 17-23 ??

    • Elizarae

      I got one of those today too! I will post some deals for this catalina soon!

  • Amy

    I got 6 of these…3 for my own transaction…2 that customers gave me…& 1 that the cashier had sitting there. They can be used before coupons…I did it on all of mine. Was able to stock up on great deals with them! Im in Oklahoma.

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