Posted: April 13, 2013

Walgreen’s  Ad Deals & Store Coupons & Matchups provided by Time2Save.  View this week’s Walgreen’s Ad Scan.

Read my Walgreen’s Training Guide if you’re new to extreme couponing! My goal is to make store deals as easy as possible.  So if you have any questions, ask in the comments below and I will be quick to answer.  Let us know what in-store finds you score!

**Stock up “Cuckoo Deals” final prices are in pink!

Walgreens Deals:

Register Reward Deals
Balance Reward Deals
Other Good Deals

Walgreens Transactions:


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  • Anyone know how to roll over the soda ten rr? Since you can’t use it on itself?

    • Anna

      Rotate it with the crest deal, & u’ll b getting 2 free drinks!

      • marcia

        How will it give 2 free drinks??

        • I did that, bought the bandages get $3.50 RR then use that to buy the kotex deal, then crest deal then the two soda, you will only get $1 in rr


    We’re can I find the values booklet

  • jen

    What does RR mean? and I would also like to know where to find the values booklet. Thanks!!

    • Kets

      I find mine right in the front when I walk in same shelf as the circulars

    • Kets

      Oh and rr is register rewards. Giving at register for certain products at cash out

      • jen

        sorry still trying to understand (new to this) could you explain more about the rr? what can it be used towards? etc — thanks :)

        • If you’re new to Walgreens shopping, here’s all you need to know on RR’s:

          • couponnewbie

            Thanks for the link to the very thorough explanation of RR’s!! I’m fairly new to couponing – been at it for a month. I had a couple questions though after reading your writeup and the Walgreen’s coupon policy, would you happen to know the answer to these?

            1) Let’s say I want to buy one item that is $1.99, and I have a $2 RR – would I be able to use this RR on that one item, without having to purchase another item? Only thing I found on this is on their site which reads: “The RR coupon value cannot exceed the total purchase amount. No cash back and no cash value for RR coupon.” ==> To me this is not clear whether I can just forfeit the 1 cent difference, or they would force me to buy a filler item to soak up that 1 cent… I really would prefer not to have to buy another item :(

            2) If something is on sale for $2/4, and let’s say I had one $2 manuf coupon, and one $2 RR. Would I be able to use these so that I don’t have to pay anything OOP? Or do 2/$X sales count as one item (though they technically aren’t 1 item)?

            Thanks!! :)

            • no, I try that and the cashier said it has to be more then the value coupon since I was only short 1 penny I couldn’t even use my RR on it, lol suck so I have to add a candy to it. :(

            • always get those cheap candy on sale at 59 cent or so for filler, well that’s the cheapest items I could find so far lol

  • Sarah

    Can you use you point balance and still earn register rewards? Sorry new to this.

    • Elizarae


  • Wendy R

    I heard recently that if you use a coupon for a product that should print out a RR, that the RR wouldn’t print anymore… is this true??

    • Elizarae

      No. When an RR doesn’t print, cashiers like to blame manufacturer coupons for it. It’s not the manufacturer coupon, usually it’s using another RR of the same value. Walgreens often advertises using a manufacturer coupon on a deal with an RR to make it free!

  • Jenifer

    My question is on the nature made vitamin coupon for $2/1 …says Answers at Walgreens. I have no idea how to obtain that coupon?

    • DeAnna Guetterman

      That’s a Walgreens book in the store…should b by the vitamins

  • erika

    Credt prohealth is $2.98 giving back $2 rr will the $1.50 off of crest rinse wrk on this?

  • DeAnna Guetterman

    What is the “pick up the values” book?

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