Posted: January 8, 2014

Check your stores – even if these aren’t marked (they weren’t at mine) they are still ringing up BOGO FREE!  Then do this deal:

Thanks reader Andria for the deal & picture!

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  • celestial032

    I can’t believe how many coupons we did not get in our Sunday paper. Toledo blade is $2.50 and no good coupons. No L’Oreal, Bayer, All the high value one. Ugh.

    • V.FLYE

      It is aweful that you spend so much on papers, only to find that good cpns are not in there. This was a regional coupon so that is why so many people can’t find it. There are many resources that will inform you of what coupons will be in your area newspaper, so that may be something worth looking into before you buy. Also, I purchase my high value coupons from a FANTASTIC, SPEEDY, FAIRLY PRICED, CREDITIABLE coupon clipping service “”, The coupons are usually up by sat or sun for immediate shipping.

  • cocoa336

    Was it in the Smart Source from this past week? How long is the sale? Can u order these?

  • Liset Gil

    in so cal they are 2.80 each!

  • eve

    Was this coupon regional? I don’t have it :(

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