Posted: January 10, 2014

Every Saturday, *most* Walgreens stores activate their Balance Rewards Points deals for the following week one day early! That means that you can take advantage of the sale prices and Balance Rewards deals for the current week AND combine them with sale prices and Balance Rewards deals for next week! Below are some *POSSIBLE* deals that could “double-dip” this Saturday.

Note: Not all Walgreens stores activate their deals early and many associates may not know whether their store does or does not. Your best bet is to test a deal one week and then you can be sure, for future reference, that your store activates deals early.


If you find any other possible double dip deals, be sure to leave them in the comments!

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  • Lisa

    Thanks for posting! Hard to find double dip deals online. Would the Nature Maid vitamins be a double dip too?

  • Karen A

    Nature Made DD as well:
    possible dd nature made w/pts!! 1/11
    week 1 = bogo $3
    week2 2 = $6.99 get 1000 pts on 2

    sat after early actvation $9.99 for 2 recieve 1000 pts

    great way to build pts if you have alot of q’s left.

  • TJ

    For the vitamin deal idea, I don’t see the Caltrate Calcium as a listed item in the $4 off ad.

    • Elizarae

      You’re right. Thanks! I saw Citrical and read Caltrate…I removed the deal from the post.

  • Karen

    At what time can you expect to take advantage of the sales back to back?

    • Elizarae

      It will vary by store. If you’re not sure what time your store starts their sales, try late evening just to be safe.

  • Scott

    Tried the Doritos, no such luck like last year. :(

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