Posted: January 28, 2017

7 (1)I have a confession to make. I am a Walmart fanatic. It is one of my favorite places to shop! Over the years, I have found several awesome opportunities for saving money at Walmart. I thought I would pass these tips on to you because I know there are other Walmart shopper fanatics out there. If you’re not, maybe you should get on board.

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Study up on the clearance codes

Just like any other place to shop, you can save even more money by understanding the clearance codes. You can wait even longer to buy something, if you know it’s going to go down in price. Here is the basic run down of the price tag code. If it ends in a “7” then you know what is probably the original price. If it ends in a “5” then you know that has been the first mark down. If the price tag code ends in a “1” is the final mark down price. You better buy it because the price isn’t going to get any lower.

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Consider shopping online

If you are planning on shopping for things other than groceries, consider shopping online. Not only does sometimes beat their own in store prices (and price matching is no longer a thing at Walmart), but you can also score FREE shipping. If you are purchasing a small item, you can snag FREE shipping by selecting in store pick up. Some items are already at the store and will be available within an hour or two. If you are purchasing a bit more, you can score FREE shipping by getting your order over the $50 threshold.

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Keep an eye out for good deals

Walmart doesn’t always display their “deals,” you should look for them. While you’re on a shopping trip, don’t be shy about looking for clearance prices. Also, all the clearance isn’t just hanging out in the clearance aisle. Look around in the various departments!

Use coupons


This one might seem like a no brainier for saving money at all grocery stores, not just Walmart! I know sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to figure out where to start with coupons, but there are a ton of resources available here on Cuckoo For Coupons and you can check them out here.

Jump on those rebates

Want to save money? Stack coupons and rebates! Take advantage of the rebates offered when you shop at Walmart. Download apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 to get started on easy path for rebates. All you need to do is upload a picture of your receipt and then you get money back on various items you bought. Seems like an awesome way to save if you’re already going to be shopping at Walmart.

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Shop later in the week

Walmart has goods that go bad, just like everyone else. However, there is no shame in Walmart’s discount game. They set out discount items like they’re going out of date, because they are. Grab those donuts and bread items that are on sale. You don’t have to buy a whole week’s supply of them, but they are great ways to save. Not to mention, no one marks down clothing like Walmart, especially when the season is ending.  You have a better chance of scoring these bargains shopping later in the week.

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Get a price adjustment

This is one of the littlest known thing about Walmart. If you finally decide to make a purchase and within a week you notice the price is lower somewhere else, you can ask for a price adjustment! You can get a price adjustment at customer service (with your receipt) within 7 days.

Another way to make sure you are paying the lowest you can, download the Walmart saving Catcher app. It essentially does the looking out for you and refunds your accoutn if it finds a lower price.

Walmart isn’t like Kohl’s or JCPenney when it comes to shopping. Walmart sells EVERYTHING, so you can save on everyday items. I’m not ashamed to take advantage of their clearance items and head to those sections FIRST. How do you save big at Walmart? I save big on food and clothing, but I have also have score big on big-ticket items there as well.

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