Posted: November 28, 2012

Woo hoo!  Do yo have a monopoly fan?  I have one in my house!  Right now Walmart has Monopoly Millionaire (in stores) for only $9.88!  With the new printable $5.00 off one MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRE Game coupon you can get it for only $4.88!!  Remember, Walmart prices may be wrong on the shelf, do a price-check. Also, prices may vary by store.

Here’s the deal:

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Thanks for the pic & deal I Heart the Mart!

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  • Kristin Anderson

    my store in Heber was $14.88

  • Tina M DeVusser

    Same here in Dubuque, IA. I didn’t even see this post until an hour ago. I was at Walmart yesterday to check the price and the had it for $14.88 so I didn’t get it. I was hoping to find a better deal before Xmas.

  • mlweiser

    My walmart has it for $14.86

  • chelle84

    My walmart had it for $14.88, however I had a copy of your advertisement and showed it to them. the salesperson called over the supervisor who looked at it and said well if it was online then you have to order it online. Then I asked her to look at the advertisement again showing sale price of $9.88, so she told the salesperson to give it to me for $9.88. Yayy for me i had (2) $5.00 coupons so I got (2) for $4.88.

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