Posted: October 26, 2012

There is a rare new $1/1 Purex Linens and Lilies 50 ounces coupon!

Price Match deal at Walmart or Target:

Purex, 50 oz/33 load, 2/$7 (from Kmart monthly ad)
use $1/1 Purex Linens and Lilies 50 ounces
Final Price= $2.50! 

If you use this coupon at Kmart it will double so you’ll only pay $1.50.  Here’s the deals list for next week at Kmart. 

View the rest of the Walmart & Target Price Match Deals this week.

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  • Melinda

    K-Mart in Southeast MIssouri does not do what is advertised on your site.i.e…no Georgia Pacific free copy paper last week, no $5 coupon no $1 coupon with 15 koolaid and no free Reese’s candy. Please state MAY be available as I spent money I would not have spent to get the specials listed in your blog. Thanks.

    • Elizarae

      The error could be on the part of your store. Sometimes the deals aren’t in their system correctly and customer service can usually make it right. You should always double check the store ad.

  • Confused

    On the coupon, it says CVS. Does this mean that it can only be used at CVS stores?

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